Three words to describe my year

I heard about picking three words to describe your year. Sorry, I can’t remember the source. Only that I was intrigued by it. I set it aside for the holidays and when I finally sat down I was uncomfortable with what came up. Not surprised but uncomfortable. 

I started by writing down all the words I associated with my year. The bad, good and the neutral. I quickly realized I had more negative words for the year. I could only pick three so where to start. I few I quickly crossed off. Others I struggled with. A few I didn’t pick were tired, blue, silenced and creative. I did feel those words last year and they did resonate with me when I wrote them down.

To clarify I had a good year all things considered (health, work, home) all good. I have nothing to complain about in the big scheme of things. It is just I didn’t feel myself or how I wanted myself to be for parts of last year. I struggled feeling silenced, unworthy and discouraged (all words that made the list). I did complete projects, traveled, pivoted the blog, was creative but also felt off enough that it made the year unsettled.

Unsettled is one of my words. It could go two ways – unsettled in not feeling right or unsettled in moving in a different direction (which could be a positive unsettled). Last year I felt both ways. The more positive unsettled was pivoting the blog to more journaling. The word make the top three for that reason. It was broad enough to encompasses a few of my feelings for the year. If that makes sense.

Tender is the second word. I had another word for a while. But really the words picked me. What words on my list resonated with how I felt the most. Tender did a few times this year. Tender for me is feeling silenced, alone, tired and blue. So tender encompassed a few words on the list. 

Questionning was my last word. I did a lot of that last year. I questioned pivoting blog. I questioned where I wanted to head. Where and what I should be focused on. Whether this was worth it. It was between curious and questioning.  Yes, I have been curious this year. Along with creative. Both words on the initial list. But only three words remember. I picked questioning as it resonated more with my year. I questioned more stuff. Should I? Shouldn’t I? 

I’m hoping and planning for this year to be less unsettled and not tender. I have my top five to work on the next three months. Excited and focused on that. My plan is to be more relaxed over a few things. It they don’t happen I’m still okay. I did the work. Enjoyed the work that is all the matter.

Those are my three words. It took some time to pick them. It made me realize last year had more downs than I realized when I started writing words down. I also wrote my positives and wins for the year which I had. So to a new year and challenging myself in new ways. Focusing on my top five. Making things happen.

What would your three words for last year be? 

You can always start now!

11 thoughts on “Three words to describe my year

  1. johnrieber says:

    You have articulated your choices, and the challenge in landing on them, very well. Thank you for sharing this with us…I have also questioned whether to continue certain things – and still doing so as 2023 moves forward…


  2. Patricia Taylor says:

    It certainly seems as though it has been a thought provoking and emotionally provocative journey. Bravo for being courageous!


  3. Candace Donovan says:

    I describe unsettled as half of the old me, and half of the new me as I transition to my next evolution of self. It’s uncomfortable, this discomfort in the shifting is what’s underneath feeling unsettled.

    My three words:
    1) liberation – letting go of old thoughts/core beliefs
    2) trust – trust in myself (growing confidence) and trust in that life will be okay (obstacles appear and I have faith I can adapt and be open to the lessons the situation can teach me)
    3) gratitude – I had a strong network of support doing my master’s, it allowed me to find my groove and soar. This is a platform I will spring from


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Those are great words for your year. I would like liberation as a word for the year. Hmmmm….maybe next year. Trust is so important knowing yourself and yes that things will be okay (hard, unsettled at times but okay). Love the gratitude to find your groove and soar. You have so earned it my friend.


  4. Crystal @ Sharing Life's Moments says:

    These were some serious words. I can see why you felt you were unsettled, but I’m glad that you feel better knowing your blog is headed in the right direction.

    I definitely could relate to all the feelings and word choices you made. I’m on almost the same road as you in determining how to make my blog grow fully this year. I’ve also had to ask myself a bunch of hard questions last year.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Asking questions I think is important. It gives us time to sit with ourselves. Writing things out I often come across answers I was looking for (if that makes sense). I just keep writing stream of consciouness until wham “oh that makes sense”. Currently working and focusing on my top five. Helping move specific projects forward. Take care


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