I have my top five!

Check this post for the background story.  Summary I heard about having a top five and decided I was in. It is basically not diluting your “to do” list with too many things.  To stop and concentrate on what you really want to do.  This appealed to me as I am always doing projects. I want to try this and that. The problem is I only have so much time, energy and money.

So for three months (arbitrary) I am concentrating on five top things. I’m putting aside things I enjoy doing but didn’t make my top five.  I wrote down everything I like to do, want to do, projects to start and projects to finish. All of it. Social media, exercise, blogging and more. Needless to say it was more than five items. The majority I enjoy doing. It wasn’t like a list of things I struggled with, but it was a list of things that took time away from what I wanted to focus on.

 I crossed the easier ones off first. Put ones I knew needed to be on the list (exercise and reading).  These items made the list as it is about the top five. Making time and energy for them. Exercise and reading I want/need to do so they are on the list. Blogging made the list along with writing/editing. The writing/editing is not related to blogging. It is a novel I want to work on. The last item was Instagram. I would like to up my game on that.  

I picked three months as that is doable. I don’t feel I’m giving up something long-term.  I will evaluate in three months my next top five. Maybe it won’t change. Maybe it will. This gives me focus to work on tthe items that resonate with me right now. Not dilute my time with other activities and not get my top five done.

So what do you think? Would having a top five work for you?  What would you put on it? Next for me is organzing my space for my top five. Putting away what didn’t make the list (this time). Less distractions.  Deep breath I’m excited about this.


You can always start now!


6 thoughts on “I have my top five!

  1. awandafulthing says:

    I think it’s a great way not to lose focus on things that are front and foremost and three months would allow time to reflect and evaluate, especially to see if other things crept in and the original top five got diluted, dropped or stayed as top 5


  2. Natalie says:

    I love this idea of a top 5, taking time to put into the top 5 things and alloying other things to fall away that aren’t making the top 5….now I just need to figure out my top 5


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