My word of the year !!

I started thinking about my word of the year late November. Check out this post for how I go about finding my word in more detail.  For the past few years I have had a word for the year and it works for me. It gives me focus and challenges me. That is my word and I want to encompass it.  It makes me do things that scare me or I feel I’m not ready for. Side note sometimes we never feel ready. We just have to do it. Perfectionism is also procrastination at times.

I wanted to start ASAP to find my word. I was thinking it might take me all of December to find a word that resonated with me.  It didn’t. Within a week it was there. I shoved it to the back and kept thinking of what I wanted to do / feel / accomplish within the next year. What word would challenge me? Again that word came up. Finally I stopped looking.  I was thinking no it can’t be THAT word, but apparently it was as it pushed itself forward all the time.

And the word is……. strong. I want to feel strong mentally and physically. I want a word (strong) that will push me to pivot, ask for what I want/need. To put projects out there – because I can and am worthy enough. Strong enough to take risks. Strong enough to stay the course. Strong in my decisions and pursue what I want. Strong enough to say no. To say yes. Strong.

I feel in my gut this is my word for the year. I made a card of my word.  It is on my desk to see every day. Last year my word was realize and I saw it everyday. It helped me pivot my blog. I will take strength in my word. I will take risks with my word. I will focus and become what my word for the year is. Strong.

If you need help picking a word for the year check this post. . Having a word for the year might not work for everyone but is so works for me.  Also consider a word for the quarter. Do what resonates with you to move forward.

You can always start now!

12 thoughts on “My word of the year !!

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Well, I’m always busy; however, I don’t always feel productive. My word for 2023 is your last year’s word: realize. I have a couple projects I need to push across the finish line, and “realize” just might help. Sounds like you have a good plan and focus!


  2. Crystal @ Sharing Life's Moments says:

    Strong is a great word for the year. My word for the year is consistency! I want to be consistent in everything I want to do in life. I want to get back to being the reliable one that everyone can count on. I want to consistently grow my online COMMUNITY of FRIENDS. I miss having those connections!


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