Top Five

I found The little chapters podcast recently. It was made in 2019. I’ve really enjoyed it as two friends talking about a variety of subjects.  The link is to the last episode where they talk of letting go and why they are ending the podcast. 

They explore their reasons why they were no longer carrying on with the podcast. The podcast, at the time, was strong and had a good audience. The ladies were stopping not because they didn’t enjoy doing the podcast but because it wasn’t in their top five.

Top five? Hmmm….the discussion was it is hard to stop doing something you enjoy and is still relevant. We often spread ourselves thin with too many projects / ideas on our plate. Diluting what we really want to do. Oh I enjoy that and this. I want to continue doing that. Can’t stop this. To the point where we might not be enjoying anything. Burning out. Not working on our number one project. Diluting all our work by doing it piece meal to fit it all in. Maybe nothing seems to be moving forward as fast as you want.

That is why top five caught my interest. I sat back. What are my top five? I enjoy doing so many things. Trying new things. Working on current projects. Starting new projects. Oh reading, exercise and whatever catches my eye. Now sitting back I realize I have diluted everything. I see a craft I want to try and start that. Oh you need help with that? I have time (not really).  If I figure out my top five things and concentrate on them what might I achieve? What have I been watering down because I’m too busy doing this and that? Not sitting and working on my main thing. 

So I’m off to think about my top five. I’m kind of excited. My plan once I know my top five is to just concentrate on them for a few months (thinking three as doable). Don’t accept or start anything else during that time. If something looks really interesting put it aside – I’m not saying never I’m just saying not now.

I’m off to think TOP FIVE!!  What would your top five for projects? Let me know.


You can always start now!

7 thoughts on “Top Five

  1. Coalmine Hospital Comics says:

    Good advice to focus on just a few important things. But sometimes that distraction is a time-limited opportunity. It’s harder to say no when you know there won’t be another chance to do it.


  2. Gloria says:

    Makes sense, especially if you’re the type of person with many interests.
    I have many! I suppose it’s a bit like prioritising… maybe?
    Scheduling the top five things, but not completely letting go of the smaller interests. Sometimes I need the small things in my life. A break from the bigger projects.


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