Finding my word for year

For the past few years I’ve had a word for the year. It works for me as it gives me focus. I have literally done stuff because of my word of the year. One year it was courage. That made me push boundaries and do things I felt I would never be ready for. My word was courage so I took it on. This year it was realize. I wanted a word that worked with how I wanted my year to play out. I wanted to realize a few things. Projects. Ideas. Myself.

So now to tackle my word for the coming year. How I find my word for the year (or maybe you want a new word each quarter – all good) is I ask myself what do I want to finish / start / explore? How do I want to feel? Couragous? Balanced? Calm? What word would resonate and challenge me to be that word. What do I need in the following year? Acceptance? Self-care?

In the past I have come up with a word I felt encapsulated what I wanted/needed the coming year, but it didn’t resonate with me. So I looked up other words with that same meaning. So try that – you might be suprised at the words that come up. Try writing down words you want to feel. Maybe joyful, adventurous, curious or strong. Are there projects you want to start or finish? What word would motivate you forward on your dreams? For me it was courage and realize.

I’ll update you on my word. Until then look around, journal, meditate, explore nature and be open to possibilities. Maybe your word is hovering and just waiting for the right opportunity to show itself! What is calling you right now?

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Finding my word for year

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    My word for 2022 was Explore and what a year it was…it may spill in to 2023 or perhaps forever lol it pushed me, stopped me, excited me and helped me.
    I encourage everyone to pick a word – try it for a month and see what happens


  2. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Ooo, realize. I like that one. That just may be what I need to push me over the finish line of my latest fiction project and ramp up work on my nonfiction project. I’ll stay tuned as to your word of the year. I do agree that can help set the tone for a productive year ahead!


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