What makes you feel creative?

Being in the flow makes me feel creative. I have done National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWri) a few times. Once I couldn’t type fast enough to get the story out. I know it sounds silly but the story seemed to be playing out in my head and I just had to type it. That was being in the flow for me.

Trying new things. I don’t have to master them but I want to continue to be curious. I might not pursue it but I want to try it. I realize not everything I try connects with me, that is okay. It is exploring to see what might.

I also feel creative when I have conversations with positive individuals. People exploring their own creativity. When we brain storm or collaborate on the project I feel energized. Even just hearing about someone’s passion or creative practice is enough for me. There is an energy that radiates off people when they talk about something they love. For me it is often contagious.

I want to surround myself with positive people. People that light me up and get me thinking of what might be possible. That push me to try this or that. Or think in a different way. Having someone that is a cheerleader. Which I aspire to be for others.

You can always start now!

One thought on “What makes you feel creative?

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    You are definitely a cheerleader for others, this I know and experience first hand xxoo
    I love the idea of surrounding myself with like minded people and especially those that pump me up due to their own creative processes. Always learning…..

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