Stream of Consciousness Saturday

You can get journal prompts pretty well everywhere.  Check out Linda G Hill stream of consciousness Saturday.  Fast summary – given a prompt, usually a word, write. Don’t overthink. Write.  This week “bowl”.

My first thought when I read the word bowl was what do I want to put in mine? I’m not thinking ice cream (though that would be good) I’m thinking creativity, joy, focus and energy.  What do I want to drawn on in my bowl? I want to see a swirling of creativity, joy, focus and energy. All waiting for me to scoop up and take in.

My bowl look delicious and ready for me to consume. It looks good, smells good and I know will be just what I want and need. Deep breath. Spoon ready for my first bit.

PS what is in your bowl?

You can always start now!

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