Letting things unfold

Definition of unfold: information or sequence of events revealed or disclosed.

I think I’m okay with letting things unfold. I do a lot of thinking before I make up my mind. I make numerous lists like pros/cons. Changing/pivoting is major for me as can trigger self-worth issues. As who am I do offer this? Do this? Show up for this?

Letting things unfold for me is giving things time and space. Slowing down and seeing what is happening or not. Not fully stopping just letting things unfold organically. Not rushing and pushing things through. That means stepping back and taking a breath giving myself and the project time to breathe. To take shape. To settle I guess. That means me as well. Settle into what I’m creating and the changes in me that led me to this place. Maybe unfold is going for a walk and not accessing things right away. Allowing time and space. I feel my life/journey is unfolding all the time – new experiences and information coming in. Leading me somewhere new.

I don’t want to rush through life / projects and maybe miss something. I want to let things unfold. Take a breath. Maybe see another angle. Yes to having a plan and working through it but not rushing to the finish line just to finish. Stepping back once in a while and seeing where things might unfold.

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Letting things unfold

  1. Stephanie Grillo says:

    An inspiring post which makes me reflect on my own anxieties! Will certainly be referring back to this article when I need a bit of serendipity to ‘unfold’ my life.


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