Being of service

Typing this the day after dealing with high winds and rain from a hurricane. We were not a direct hit, but the scope is wide for wind and rain. We lost power during the night until 7:30 pm the same day. I am so lucky to have amazing neighbours in my building. Plus a generator. FYI instant coffee but I’ll take.

My building is an apartment with around forty units. I’ve lived here for years so know my neighbours. It is a community. Part of the roof on the building next door blew off. So clean-up today which I will be part of. For me yesterday was about being part of something.

It was about sitting in the hallway talking to neighbours I don’t see often. My next door neighbour and I brought chairs out and sat and had our coffee. It was also about checking on older neighbours through out the day. Running up and downstairs. Did they need anything? Staying for a few minutes to visit. It gave what could have been a lazy day of complaining purpose.

I had something outside of myself to concentrate on. Something that was important. I told my neighbours I’d be back in a few hours. I checked things out and made sure I kept them abreast. The day wasn’t about me complaining and whining about no power/internet. It was about taking some time to read (which I always enjoy) and checking on neighbours. We had other people dealing with storm damage and the generator.

It was being of service. It was a feeling of warmth and purpose. This was especially essential when really I had no other control (purpose) of my environment at the time. I felt good when I head to the stairs (one up and one down) knowing I was about to see each couple. To talk for a few minutes. See what they needed. Really they needed to know someone cared and was checking on them more than anything. Isn’t that what we all want?

This is the feeling of being of service. Putting others first without a tangibe reward. Giving time and energy without a payback. For me the reward was large! I felt I had a purpose during the storm. I was part of a community. I had forgetten how much I enjoyed being of service. Both couples are amazing and a privilege to know them.

I’m still feeling positive this morning – after the storm. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be feeling this if I hadn’t been of service yesterday. Part of a community. Today is clean-up day so again community. This storm has me thinking how I can be of service on a more regular basis. To take this forward. Will be mulling this over.

You can always start now!

4 thoughts on “Being of service

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    That sounds like a really positive experience from a bad storm. Community makes even the scariest of situations manageable. I live in a very small village, where everyone knows you and secrets are impossible. Everyone picks up and helps everybody else (for the most part) because there’s power (and consolation) in numbers–and there’s probably a little neighborly guilt involved, too. Thanks for reminding me of the rewards–to all–that come from being of service!


  2. EsmeSalon says:

    You’re an amazing person and friend to your neighbors and I am so glad and happy that our paths crossed and we were able to meet in person.
    Despite the storm, you still saw the silver lining and helped others in need. You’re an absolute star.


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