The coming season

I know as I write this someone will be questioning my sanity. So I’ll get it over with right away. Summer is becoming my least favorite season. It was never my favorite but now with the heat and humidity seeming to be the new normal the past few years, the season is falling behind.

I enjoy the heat, blue sky and ability to walk everywhere. That was my big plus with summer. Good walking. Now not so much. I’ve gone from walking home at four o’clock to walking to work at 7 am. At four I was exhausted with the humidity and not enjoying the walk. Seven am is nice. At the most twenty degrees Celicius. Often overcast and no humidity yet. I have energy when I get to work.

Now that we are coming up to my favorite season (fall) I can feel my energy returning. Warm days and cooler nights. September always seems like the first of the new year. With school starting back up, along with everything else. For me classes and theatre season. My energy level always returns as I pour over what to take and what is coming up.

Plus I think fall is the prettiest season with the reds, yellows and orange. The humidity will have broken (please). The walking will still be lovely – even better at four o’clock. Yes the days are getting shorter but I’m okay with that. It is part of the season.

I guess why I don’t mind fall and embrace it is I don’t mind winter. I think for a lot of people fall reminds them winter is fast approaching and it is the season they dread. Winter for me is for nesting and doing projects at home. There are still things to do. Theatre, events and getting together with friends. I don’t mind the snow. I would prefer snow over rain in the winter as for me easier to get around. I don’t get as wet in the snow – plus prettier.

As long as the city doesn’t shutdown with a snow storm I enjoy winter. A coating of the white stuff makes everything look clean. The ice on the trees sparkling in the light. I’m curled up with projects I didn’t want to do in the summer with the heat. I have lots to read. I am more than happy in the winter.

So yeah I’m okay with summer winding down. WIth the new normal it hasn’t been as enjoyable for me. Walking being my main mode of transportation. I’m excited for the fall and what it has to offer. I’ve started to my fall to do list which always energizes me.

So if summer is your favoriate season that is great and I hope you’ve made the most out of it. I guess the thing is to embrace all seasons and where we are right now. I feel fortunate to have four season. They all have something to offer me.

You can always start now!

3 thoughts on “The coming season

  1. John Holton says:

    Every season has its fans and detractors. I think we all see the fall as the start of a new year because for years it was the beginning of the new school year. I’m happy I live where there are four distinct seasons. Of course, when I lived in Chicago you could get all four in one day…


      1. John Holton says:

        I must have been in sixth or seventh grade when this happened. It was about 80 degrees and we were at a park playing softball. All of a sudden this gust of wind kicked up and, I swear, the temperature dropped to 40. The park we were playing in was about a mile from home, and here I am in shorts and a t-shirt, trying to get home before hypothermia set in…


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