What does courage look like to me?

Being afraid and doing it anyways. Not being totally sure or ready and starting it anyways. Not putting stuff off because it doesn’t feel ready or perfect or other people will laugh or criticize. That takes courage for me.

Courage is trying something I might not ever do perfectly or that I’ll even be good at. No, that isn’t exactly right. It is not the trying of new things that I need courage for. I’ve tried pottery, belly dancing, yoga, Tai Chi and more. I’m okay knowing I might not be good at it. It might not even be my thing. Curiosity yes. Courage no.

The courage I need to tap into is more personal. Hitting publish on a blog post, sending a novel to an editor, showing a piece of art work – this is what courage means to me. It seems to be tied to my self worth. If what I create sucks am I still worthy? Can I take the criticism? I am a fraud? Courage is putting myself and work out there and dealing with what comes down the tubes.

Courage is showing up. This is what I have created. It is a piece of me but not all of me. To have the courage to say this is as good as it gets and send it off. Courage to deal with the results. Courage and regrets are linked for me. I need courage so that I won’t have regrets. I have to send/do/experience to limit regrets and for some of that I need courage.

You can always start now!

4 thoughts on “What does courage look like to me?

  1. EsmeSalon says:

    I so totally related to what you have said here. Courage to try out something new, unknown, strange, and out of my comfort zone. I for sure am a creature of habit, and it’s difficult for me to seek out new stuff to venture into and explore, but I am slowly but surely trying to do just that and in fact, just did something I would not have done a year ago. I am still not sure if I did the right thing, but time will tell.


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