Stream of consciousness Saturday

You can get journaling prompts anywhere. Head over to Linda G Hill stream of consciousness Saturday.  Every week she gives a prompt.  We write stream of consciousness which is just write. Don’t overthink. Do it.  This week begin your prompt begins with the word “why”.

Why is it that August felt unsettled and not just for me?  I read Simple and Season newsletter and she used the word unsettled also for the month of August.  A few people have said they had a good July but August felt off.  No one really had an explanation for it.  I don’t.  

Summer is short so making the most out of it is essential. August had good points. Vacation, long weekend and started and finished a few items on my list. Things like pivoting blog and new theme. All good. So why did the month feel unsettled overall. Not just one day or a week but overall. 

It took me a few days to come up with the word unsettled for my feelings. The month wasn’t awful. Nor was it terrific. There were high points – a few actually. Work was done. Books read. Social time. Alone time. Still it felt unsettled. Like I didn’t feel myself. I felt off. Things around me felt off. Not a major shift but off. 

I still have no explanation for my month of feeling unsettled. I do know that as soon as September hit I felt more focused. Excited. Energized. It was like opening a door. I know it is only day three but I feel something has shifted. 

The short story is life happens. The funny thing (for lack of better word) was that it wasn’t just me. So how was your August? I hope terrific.


You can always start now!



2 thoughts on “Stream of consciousness Saturday

  1. johnrieber says:

    “There’s a recklessness in the air.” This line from the film “Broadcast News” summed up the month for me…a strange energy that was unsettling…at least it is over! Here’s hoping that September behaves!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      YES “there’s a recklessness in the air”. What a good line especially for the month of August. Already here it feels like September started and the weather changed (for the better). I do feel more settled. I hope you are feeling more settled and the air is changing

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