I have a week and a half before the end of the month. I want to accomoplish something this month. Well every month. SInce my word for the year is realize I have been pushing the envelope. At times.

This month seems a bit slower. I haven’t felt as productive. I can use vacation for an excuse for one week. But seriously, I was actually somewhat productive on vacation. I took pictures and wrote two blog posts. So no procrastination there.

This weekend I have the perfect excuse. The next Ruth Galloway mystery arrived at the library. I have had it on hold for months. When I picked up it up it was a seven day loan. Hmm….of course I had to start it that evening after work. Since this is my only weekend I have to read. Right?

So I have the perfect excuse not to get much else done this weekend. So why do I still feel like I am procrastinating? Not starting/finishing projects. I have a book to read. I also went shopping with a friend. I did work on a new theme for blog. I did stuff. So why do I feel I’m procratinating this weekend?

This post came to me in bed while I was playing out what I needed to do Sunday before the start of the week. Read the book of course and house stuff. I just can’t seem to get out of myself over I’m not doing stuff. Moving the needle forward. I want to end the month strong. I want to be able to say this and that is off the list. I don’t feel I can say that in this moment.

So I’m thinking sometime today or this week I will write down what I did get accomplished this month. What happened this month. Maybe that will give me a jolt that I did get stuff done and didn’t procratinate all month. Which I know I didn’t.

To bring things into focus and see what I want to get done before I flip the calendar.

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Gloria says:

    I often feel like that. When I’m writing for my blog, I should be reading. When I’m reading, I should be working on my novel. When I’m working on my novel too many days in a row, I feel I’m neglecting my blog. And so on……
    For years I’ve tried to become a list maker. Never happens! Even the thoughts of having to stick to a list demotivates me!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      If making a list demotivates you don’t do it. It is finding something that works for you. That might mean trying different things. So toss the list. What about setting a timer. Say for twenty minutes I will work on my blog. Next twenty (or you decide) I will read. Plus be gentle with yourself. You can’t do it all and are doing the best you can do. I know that!!!!

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  2. EsmeSalon says:

    I am so a list person and can not work without it to keep me on track. I have in fact created a detailed spreadsheet with all my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks listed and without that, I am lost. I do my best to keep and stay on track, but it does happen that the wheels come off (Just moved, and now babysitting a 16-month daily – do not get me wrong, I love the babysitting) so my time is a bit limited at the moment and I can only get to blogging and those tasks after hours. So until the end of the year, I do give myself a bit of slack if I do not get to each and every task on the list on time, but then just play catchup as and when I can.


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