What hats do I wear?

Youngest daughter, sister, cousin, niece, introvert, friend and day dreamer to start with. Day dreamer would be the one I gravitate to. I have no problem playing alone especially in my head. So introvert definitely comes into this also.

Welcome committe when young as assigned that role. Not one I would have every gravitated to. Make sure you ask and get what they need. Let them talk. This was mostly for new boy/girlfriends. Hard at times as shy when younger.

Other hats I wear now are blogger, writer and creator. I gues I’m still the welcome committee as I want to make sure peole are seen. I didn’t feel seen growing up or that I belonged. So it is important to me now to make sure people are seen and feel like they belong.

Experiences when young bring so much focus to stuff or at least to me. That making sure people were okay and is still there. Since I didn’t have it reciprocated when young it has made me determined not to let it occur to other people now.

Another important hat is cheerleader. I love hearing people talk about their passions and dreams. If I can help I’m in. People talking about things they love give off such a positive energy.

Traveller and explorer is another hat I wear. I want to see new places. Have new experiences.

It is funny how you start writing about a topic thinking you know where it is going and wham another path. Thinking of growing up and those hats have made me the person I am today. For better or worse. Experiences/hats change you and push you. I am now the person who makes sure people feel they belong. That they are not in the corner thinking no one sees them. I see you and I’m coming for you.

You can always start now!

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