Not what I thought I wanted

For a long time I thought eventually when I retire I want to live in a large, vibrant city. With access to restaurants, cafes, museums and theatres. To live there long enough, about three months, to soak it all in. Not feel rushed out the door with my to do and see list.

Living somewhere three months would give me time to relax. To have coffee at home and read in the morning and not feel I’m wasting time. That I should be out. I’d try out restaurants and cafes. Maybe even find one in my neighbourhood. What about taking a class? To have the time to sit, watch and not rush.

COVID happens and no travel for me. Wham. I ended up renting a cottage in the middle of nowhere – well not nowhere but you needed a car to get anywhere. A week of the same view, same people and just my stuff. The opposite of my large, vibrant city – me and my stuff. No walking the neighbourhoods. No museums. No theatre. Me and my stuff.

I’m trying to live with fewer regrets so renting a cottage filled this void. Something I had never done before so try it. There is nothing to lose. Well, I had a relaxing week of reading, painting, sitting on the deck doing nothing and walking the beach. I enjoyed it. I needed it. This was not what I was expecting but hello what I needed.

This is my third year renting a cottage. I’m typing from the kitchen table. If I turn my head to the right I can see the beach. The deck is large with lots of seating. I have my stuff around me. I don’t feel I’m missing anything – museums, theatre or cafes this week. This is what I needed.

I still love the idea of living in a vibrant city, but now I’ve expanded. I think I could live in a small village or a cottage for a month. To relax and rewind. I’m thinking in the village and cottage I’d want a major project to work on as I would have the time. Something to sink my teeth into. I’d be home more soaking up just being.

It is funny how life gives you experiences. Sometimes not even of your choice. Renting a cottage would not have happened if COVID hadn’t hit. I know it. I would have had a plane ticket in my hand. Having a week at a cottage has felt good. I’ve felt settled. Where I was suppose to be.

So to grabbing my wins when I can. The sky is blue so off to the deck with a book and nowhere to go.

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Not what I thought I wanted

  1. Stuart Danker says:

    That’s great! It kind reminds me of the saying ‘You’re exactly where you need to be’.

    Seems like you’re enjoying cottage living, and I would love to be somewhere remote and not smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city too. Thanks for sharing!


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