What caught my eye in the past month

Below is what caught my eye in the past month. A bit of a theme I think – you let me know!

Around the country a lot of churches seem to be empty and being sold. We have so much construction here. It seems to be on every corner.  So when I saw this home tour of a renovated church I so had to check it out.

Declutter in minutes takes us through setting up a weekly planning basket. A place we can put all our paper to deal with that week (instead of all over the house).

I’m not sure I could live with this much colour on a daily basis but it definitely caught my eye and made me smile.  Living room with colour!!

office9.png (630×879)

I guess I was having a month of being drawn to colour.  The crafted life shows us 10 colourful offices.

These architectural designs caught my eye. Tag line they focus on human and nature.

Fingerprint-Bumblebee-Pot.jpg (682×1023)

How cute is fingerprint bee! Sweet gift for teacher, grandparents and me!

Hope something caught your eye. Drop in the comments anything you are checking out!

You can always start now!

2 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Very interesting! Love the church she turned into a home; it would seem there would be way too much space, but it looks comfortable. I take it the bedroom is in the Choir loft…

    That really colorful house… yeah, no…

    Do you ever read the site Apartmet Therapy? You might find it interesting…


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