Ways I bring joy into my life

I was thinking about how I bring joy into my life. Here are a few things for me.  Please let me know what brings joy into your life.

  • getting together with friend/s Saturday afternoon for drinks and munchies. Catching up on what is happening and/or making plans.
  • curling up on the sofa with the next book in a series I am reading. Currently it is Louise Penny Inspector Gamache .
  • researching for a trip. What to see, do, what events are happening. Coming up with my 3-5 top things to do. Making sure whoever I am traveling with has a list.  One of my favorite sites to check is Trip Advisor.
  • finding a quirky coffee shop and just sitting and making a list! I am always on the look out for new places to check out. Especially if they have tables for laptops and don’t mind someone sitting for a bit and working.
  • being home for a day with no expectations. See above sitting on sofa with a book!!
  • working with my hands. Painting, stitching, gluing and whatever else is involved in the craft. There is something about creating something. I am focused and I think more in the moment than at any other time.
  • walking. Heading out the door and walking. I have a few parks within walking distance.
  • writing and blogging. I feel like I have found my community and that brings me joy.

What are ways you have fun or bring joy into your life?

You can always start now!

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