Using the word “right”

I enjoy a good podcast so recommendations are always welcomed. I listened to Glenn Doyle’s we can do hard things podcast. In an eposide they talked about listening to that something inside that always knows. You can call it your gut, intuition or whatever.

When we ask ourselves what is the next “right” thing. Often we are asking what society or other people think. Instead of saying “what is the next thing for me”. Because sometimes it is not a right or wrong decision. It is what is the next thing for you – regardless of others’ opinions.

This struck me as what if I took the word right out of decision making. Who gets to decide what is right for me? Unless I am harming someone most decisions are arbitrary. If I take “right” out of the equation will my intuition be more open? I’m not labelling either or.

This appeals to me as I am trying to live with less regrets. Pushing boundaries and at times stepping off the ledge and just seeing what will happen. So taking “is this the next right step” out of my decison making frees me up. Who decided what was right? For me having “right” in the sentence makes me feel I have to toe the line. What is expected of me? What does society feel is right? What do friends/family feel is right?

If I want to push boundaries that means I’m likely not going to be pleasing everyone. Pushing boundaries can make people feel uncomfortable – you have changed! Which isn’t “right”. So eliminating what is the next “right” step to what is the next step feels to me more freeing. My gut/intuition likes the idea. This is about my next step not what people deem is the next “right” step.

Let me know what you think of this. Glenn Doyle We can do hard things is worth checking out. I’ve not explained this anywhere near as well as the podcast. But that one sentence resonated and I wanted to share.

You can always start now!

7 thoughts on “Using the word “right”

  1. I’m putting that podcast on my list, thanks.
    Haha I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum whether or not anyone else thought it was the “right” thing to do or not and sometimes my decisions are less than popular with others but the best part is I’ve had no regrets 😁


  2. EsmeSalon

    I read another post and one thing I took away was:

    Every child is born like a blank slate. They behave based on their purest instincts with zero conditioning from outside influences. Children seem to fearlessly express themselves by playing, laughing, and dancing. They show up authentically and approach life with a playful attitude; everyday situations become exciting and fun!

    Close your eyes. Try to think back to yourself as a child. What would that child think about the “current you”? Ask yourself: What does the “adult you” want the “child you” to experience more of?


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