Picture Prompt !

Head over to Esme Salon picture prompt .   It is a picture of an old abandoned house. That looks to be in the middle of no where.  Below is my picture prompt attempt.

“Who did you say lived here?” I asked.

Taking a deep breath looking at the weather beated small house. The windows looked crocked. One window looked to have a blind pulled down. The size was maybe two rooms or three smaller ones. There were overgrown shrubs around it. It definitely had no maintenace house or property in a while.

“An older lady who husband built it years ago. She lived here right up until a few months ago,” Rob said.

I frowned. A few months ago? The house didn’t look like it would take a lot to knock it down. A good wind maybe. How could anyone have been living there up until a few months ago? Especially an older individual.

“I don’t think the family realized what they had here,” Rob said.

I looked from the house to Rob.  “What exactly do you mean what they had?”  

Rob smiled and swung his arms wide. “This! All this! The house. The land. The privacy.”

I felt a lumb forming in my gut. The house and land. I wet my lips. I knew Rob had inherited some money from his Aunt. He had talked about investing it. I didn’t think this was an investment.

“Hmmm……did you purchase this house?” I asked.

Rob grinned and nodded.  “Is this an investment or what! You can’t go wrong with property.”

I looked back to the house which I knew I wouldn’t be entering. I couldn’t see any neighbours.  Actually the land wasn’t bad.  Mostly flat, trees and scrubs. It had taken under two hours to get here from the city.  Maybe at the right price it wasn’t a bad investment. 

“So what are your plans?” I asked smiling.

the end



2 thoughts on “Picture Prompt !

  1. Gloria says:

    That would be the ultimate dream for some people. A nightmare for others!
    I’ll definitely submit for this month’s. I just couldn’t get round to it last month!


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