What caught my eye in the past month

I find these post come up fast on me. I’m always looking at different sites for well what catches my eye.  I haven’t even started looking at a fun summer craft so behind on that. Maybe for next month. Hope somethings catches your eye!

Home tours usually catch my eye. My Scandinavian Home showcased a light-filled and pops of color home that drew me in.

Countries with unique coffee culture what to order!  One of my favoriate places to head to is a local coffee shop.  I often head to work at my local to work.  Any places or coffee that draw you in more than others?

With flight delays and cancellations this article caught my eye on what to do.

Jarcuterie on checkered tablecloth

Inspired by charm show us a jarcuterie. Looks delicious to me but I might have to have more than one jar. Just saying.

I found Simple and Season blog post on “who am I going to be” interesting and I now have a new word.

This Brooklyn loft caught my eye with exposed brick, large windows and industrial look.  Brick and stone always catch my eye.

What has been catching your eye in the past month?

You can always start now!

4 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. The coffee post caught my eye – I have had coffees around the world and it is a pity that Portuguese coffee was overlooked – especially coffee in Madeira – they are especially proud of their home brew which has a smoother taste than the Starbucks recently opened in Funchal airport! In Cape Verde, in West Africa, their coffee comes from the Cape Verdean island of Fogo – a volcanic island with a rich soil. In UK, iced coffee is becoming popular and there are many independent coffee bars as well as Costa Coffee shops and rivals, Starbucks – found in almost every town , city, village & petrol stations 😊


    1. Yes ice coffee is becoming more popular here also. I try, at home and aboard, to go to local coffee shops. I have my favorites at home. Smoother taste is appealing. It was neat and I imagine they missed a few really good coffee places. Of course the travel to them drew me in also! Hope all well with you.


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