Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Linda G Hill stream of consciousness Saturday prompt.  Where we are given a word and just write. No overthinking or editing (okay maybe typos). Check it out for full details.   “hat” is the word for the this week.

We wear many hats.  I don’t think we actually realize how many.  Not just the ones we know like mother, father, sister, brother, nurse, lawyer or blogger. You get the idea. Also the “hat” of being a calming influence in the family. The “go to” person for tech help. The friend up for anything. 

When we think of all we do and offer I think we have more “hats” then we realize. 


You can always start now!


12 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

  1. The hats worn in a week would scare a Hatter, even a sane one. This week I have been Mother, Wife, Grandmother, apasser on of the most life changing news. Supporter, councillor, homeowner, tear wiper stiff-upper-liper . Cleaner and fur-baby physiotherapist. I have been ace crier and carer. I have been a shoulder to hold up the world. Your post though light-hearted resonated with my hats this awful week that has altered our lives for ever. At one point I unzipped the hood from my jacket and sobbed where nobody seen and nobody heard . Xx


    1. Oh Ellen I don’t know what to type. Your “hat” list was exhausting and I have no doubt you missed a few. Creating space, supporting blogging friends are two more hats that you wear. I do think a good sob/cry is often needed. It is hard but this year I’m trying to put some “hats” aside for a bit. Hard but creating a few boundaries. Again hard as I so don’t deal with any type of confrontation. Well I guess I did know what to type. Deep breath. Know people are rooting for you. Take care.


      1. You are fast. I’m sitting in a coffee my Saturday morning treat. Catching up on blogging stuff. I feel like I want a pivot so exploring that. My word for 2022 is realize so I’m just tossing stuff out and seeing what sticks. All good. Beautiful day here and long weekend. Take care.


  2. I love reading your SoC writings because as soon as I see the prompt I think of what I would write and its never the same!
    I love how you’ve talked about the many hats we wear, and I think you are right we don’t even know all the hats we wear sometime, or the hats that others place on our heads.


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