My spring to do list! I hope

We’re now officially into spring. The days are longer and I’ve walked home a few times with the warmer weather. Plus no winter boots! Walking home always energizes me for the rest of the day & evening. Nothing beats fresh air as far as I’m concerned as a pick me up.

So I’ve decided to start my spring “to do” list. Get my ideas on the page. To connect with friends and book dates. Below is what I have so far. Let me know your list or please suggest more items for mine!!

  1. A warm Saturday afternoon on a patio with friends. When the weather gets warmer here the bars take over the sidewalks for extra outdoor seating. They try to keep it going well into fall with heat lamps.
  2. I found a sweet bee design to paint on a planter.
  3. The switch over from winter to lighter clothes. Decide before I put anything away whether I want to wear it again next winter. If you switch clothes seasonally it is a good time to decide what you want to keep or toss. No sense packing something you don’t want to wear again next year.
  4. Arrange dates with friends to try out some new coffee shops I’ve seen popping up.
  5. Farmers Market. Haven’t been in ages.
  6. Do some cutting and rooting of my plants for friends.
  7. Go for a walk at two of the parks in the city. Part of the city is on a peninisula (the oldest part). We have a park at each end (north and south). Downtown is in the middle. I want to get to them before summer and the humidity. The last few summers the humidity hasn’t been pleasant (at least for me).
  8. I want a handmade pottery mug. A friend has a few and I’m in love with them. Want to purchase one from a local potter.
  9. Continue purging clothes and household items.
  10. Get patio furniture up and set up. Decide what plants I want. Too cold here until into June to put them out in their pretty pots. Hello east coast Canada!

I think that is a good start for my list. What is on your spring list? Or current season. I’m always open to new ideas so let me know what I should add!

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “My spring to do list! I hope

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    The clothes purge is always on my spring to-do list. In addition to items I might no longer need, like, or fit into (a few pandemic pounds to go!) my boys are forever outgrowing their hand-me-downs, which get passed on to the next family. Today for school, they switched to their spring uniform, so it feels like it might actually be happening!


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      I have another purge bag on bedroom floor. Sigh. April for us (eastern Canada) is a transitional month. We can have snow, rain, wind you name it. Nothing is a surprise. Joke is no matter what jacket you wear it will be the wrong one. Yesterday I had winter jacket on. Today spring and BIG mistake.

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  2. Gloria says:

    I’m such a bad list maker. I steal other people’s lists! πŸ˜†
    One thing I don’t really do is pack my winter clothes away because winter days can come at any time of the year here.
    Except boots… I won’t wear them in summertime!


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