Opting In

I did a post on opting out.  With a new year starting I thought it would be a good time to decide not only what I’m opting out of but what I’m opting in to.  My word for the year is realize so working with that there are certainly things I want to “opt in” with.

  • Self-care. Taking the time and scheduling in exercise, yoga, meditation and give myself facials. PS I got some for Christmas!!
  • Spending time with positive people.  I have a few friends that always lift me up.  We talk about possibilities and opportunities.  How can we help each other? Brain-storm?
  • Creativity.  This year I’m excited as doing a Mandala course (just because).  Have other creative projects on the list. I want to make a mess and not be overly invested in whether it turns out or not. I’m opting in to the journey of creating and the joy in the moment it bring.
  • Mindfulness. I want to stay more focused in the present.  To not jump to “what if”. Not to worry about the future when I have no control. To stay mindful and enjoy the present and what I can do and have control over.
  •  Scheduling.  I know to get projects done I need to treat them as important.  That means scheduling time for them. Not working on them when I have a few minutes.  I’m opting in to taking my creativity seriously and that means it is worthy of my time and energy. So schedule time for it.
  • Outside.  What I mean by this is now that the weather might be warming up I want to spend more time exercising outside.  That means less treadmill more sidewalk and parks.
  • Goals.  Opting in to setting some long-term goals. I’m thinking 3-5 years and what I need to have in place. That could involve finances, work, creativity and living arrangements.

What are you opting in for? Short and long term.  Drop us a line and let us know.  Off to do facial!!

You can always start now!

5 thoughts on “Opting In

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    Oh, yes. Here’s to more sidewalk and parks! We had a real winter, this winter–with some actual snowfall–so I am more than ready for spring. Now, if I can soak it in and not let it pass me by because I’m too busy to see it. Being more intentional is definitely one of my yearly goals!


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