What caught my eye in the past month

Rolling into another month. Still winter here in Canada – seriously all of March is winter. Hmmm…okay into April also. Enough of that – below is what caught my eye in the past month!

The title caught my eye.  One minute mindfulness activities.  One minute I’m in for that – or at least checking it out.

40 crafts for grown-ups well this so caught my eye as I’m always looking for a craft project. No, I’m not great at crafts but I do like to try and find it zen like sometimes working with my hands.  So forty! I had to visit.

I enjoy making a list. Sitting down with a coffee, paper and pen. It keeps me focused.  So 12 lists to keep us organized.  Check out list #7.  Hmm…..do I need a list for that?

This caught my eye as it involved maps.  Crafts with maps. So I had to check it out. 

I thought this was interested.  Airbnb most popular rentals. I thought they were missing a few incredible places.

This was cool – 8 long distance friendship ideas.  Wish I had found this at the beginning of COVID19.  Any bloggers out there want to try a few?

I have a friend Wanda over at A Wandafulthing  that loves beachcombing for sea glasses.  My modern met tells all about it, plus the best beaches to find it.

Let me know what has been catching your eye in the past month.  I’ll also been enjoying #The100dayproject posts on Instagram. So much talent.

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Great round up . The list post – no 7 – I suddenly realised that I do have a sort of distraction list – I tend to be on the shopfloor working when I suddenly remember something I mean to do later that day and to remind me I scribble a note in my work notebook to remind me ! Even blog ideas! Sometimes I add them on the bottom of my daily to do list! 😳 Don’t really need the lists but like doing them – they are my comfort blankets!!

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  2. Wanda Mulley

    Love all the things in this post. So many I’ll need to come back to. I’m starting with the one minute mindfulness activities- thanks for sharing!!


  3. Ooo, I especially love the fabric book covers at the 40 crafts for grownups link! The trouble I have with some crafts is that it just makes more clutter–and I have enough of that. But covering beloved books in fabric wouldn’t do that. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!


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