10 Life Lessons

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I want to share some life lessons.  Some lessons I have a handle on and others I am still a work in progress.  Here it goes:

    1. Don’t make assumptions – we don’t know what other people are dealing with.  All of us bring baggage to the table. Don’t assume you know.
    2. Listen to understand – pay attention to the person in front of you. Do not make your grocery list, check your phone or compose your answer while they are still talking. Realize you are not taking in what they are saying if your mind is elsewhere.
    3. Consider the source – is this person really the best resource? Do they want what is best for you?
    4. Know when to walk away – you can’t win every argument.  If the person is toxic try to limit contact time and not give them more fuel.
    5. Do not let perfectionism stop you from creating – if you are waiting for your project to be perfect, well… that might not ever happen. Perfectionism is one of the blights of creativity. Enjoy the journey. Don’t always concentrate on the end result.
    6. You can always say no – your time and energy are worth something. Do not sell yourself short. If it means constantly sacrificing your time/creativity learn to say no.  Also you don’t owe anyone an explanation.  I’m not available. Full stop.
    7. Happiness and success are not in limited supply – a lot of individuals have a scarcity mentality.  If you are happy and successful than there is less chance I will be. Wrong. Happiness and success are infinite.
    8. A change of scenery is a good thing – go for a walk, pick up a book, do whatever you need to do to shake yourself up if you feel you are spiraling out of control. For me it is getting outside no matter what the weather.
    9. Negativity breeds negativity – I am sure the majority of us have been here when it becomes a vicious cycle.  One thing leads to another and it is all negative. If you can change the topic or put a positive spin on it do it. If you can’t, make an excuse and get outta there!  Negativity is also energy draining!
    10. Make eye contact and smile – this is for everyone (including strangers on the street).  If you make eye contact smile and acknowledge that person. Make them realize they have been seen and noticed by someone.  One of the worst things is to feel invisible – we can change that just with eye contact and a smile. You never know you might make someone’s day and change their attitude.

I would love to hear some your life lessons.

You can always start now !

17 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons

  1. Frede says:

    All very good lessons worth learning! I especially relate to #8… Going for a walk/run/hike is the best way to stop the spiraling!


  2. fattymccupcakes says:

    I really appreciate the one about really listening to others when they speak to you. I’m guilty of this, as is everyone else. But, I really do try to truly listen when someone is speaking to me. I can always tell when someone isn’t listening to me or they are just listening to respond. It’s a let down!


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