I have my 100 day project

I mulled over a few ideas for the 100 day project.  I didn’t want anything that involved too much time each day.  Five to ten minutes tops.  Something easy and fun – not something I would feel like was a chore a few weeks into it. I started looking around the house at projects not started or items/potential projects around.  I was given a coloring book for Christmas and my eye kept coming back to it.  Could that be a 100 day project? Some of the drawings looked time consuming so I pulled back.  I might not be able to finish a picture a day for 100 days. Still mulling and coming back to that coloring book.  The 100 day project says I get to decided. It can be anything even brushing my teeth for a 100 days (direct quote from site).  So it doesn’t have to be color a picture a day for 100 days.  It can be color for 100 days.  There is no where that says I have to finish a picture every day.  I just have to commit to sitting down and coloring every day.  That I can do. So my 100 day project is to sit down and color in my beautiful coloring book.  When I finish a picture I’ll post on Instagram #the100dayproject. I won’t be posting a picture a day – only completed ones.  I feel good about this project. We have to be gentle with ourselves. To not create expectations we might not be able to keep. Or that take the fun out of our project.  I’ll be coloring for 100 days and I’m good with that!

You can always start now!

9 thoughts on “I have my 100 day project

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