What caught my eye in the past month

Happy New Year. Deep breath as we roll into another uncertain year. I’m working on making the most of what I have control of and celebrating my wins when I can. I was off between Christmas and New Year. I had a “to do” list so puttered away at that and read. Read. Read.

That said below are a few things that managed to catch my eye.

Even though this post is a year old it still applies if you are interested in doing The 100 Day Project. I know a few bloggers who have done this in the past.  I did it a few years ago of taking the same picture for a 100 days of a tree in my backyard. 

Artireallife gives us three quick mindful practices we can try.  

Check out Blog Clarity for 7 tips to boost your creativity.

But I smile anyway has a great book review post if you are looking for reading in the new year.

This caught my eye for practical purposes.  The savvy sparrow show us ideas to declutter our kitchen counters. Which I am need right now!

Check out this eclectic apartment over at Apartment Therapy.  I love the crown molding and the character of the place.

This caught my eye as about crafting a home creative retreat.  I know it might not be possible to take a week off for our retreat but there are still some good ideas here.

I usually like to include pictures in my post but for some reason no pictures copied over.  A few went directly to Pinterest when clicking the pictures.  So maybe I am missing something new?

I hope a few things caught your eye. Drop a line and let know what has been catching your eye in the past month.

You can always start now!


5 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Ooo I need to check out the post for boosting creativity, stat! I’ve been missing mine for a while now.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Wishing you all the very best for a happy New Year! 🥳❤️

    Caz xx


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