Christmas Wish List

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Wrote this a few years ago. Still want the same things.

I thought I’d do a different Christmas Wish List.  These are the items on my list that I would love for Christmas and beyond. To walk into the new year with these items in hand for all of us.

  1. Patience – with myself and others.  To take a breath and realize everyone has strengths and weaknesses and to work with them not against them. To have patience when I have technical difficulties and realize technical difficulties means I have access to a laptop, internet and a warm home. So how bad can it really be?
  2. See with new eyes – not to take things for granted. Don’t rush through life wishing for the next best thing, the weekend, vacation or summer. To really look at the first snow fall when the city is white and clean. To notice how the trees shimmer with the ice on them. Not to take any experience for granted and see it and learn from it.
  3. Empathy – we all have different experiences. To show empathy when dealing with someone with a different point of view. To try to understand where they are coming from and how they got to that point. That leads to…
  4. Don’t Judge – just don’t.  Step back and realize judgement is not my business. It is my business to try to understand, help, support and encourage. Not judge. We have a society as a whole more than willing to take this on.
  5. Let it go –  it is baggage I don’t need to carry.  Do not replay hurtful events again and again.  First time what can I take away from this? Learn, adjust, deal with but do not replay that hurtful loop again. Let it go.
  6. Take risks – what is the worst thing that can happen? I will have regrets. Put myself out there more and see where that takes me.  Start working on dreams and change the word to plans.
  7. Encourage – become that person that supports individuals’ dreams (plans!!). Offer to brainstorm, support and use my strengths to help.
  8. Love – send positive energy out there. Be the calming influence in the room. Make people feel special and worthy.
  9. Learn – treat every situation as a growth opportunity. Listen to understand what people are saying and learn from them, situations and life in general. Be open to possibilities or trying something new. Never stop learning.
  10. Peace – hope that everyone realizes we are all one worldwide community. There are no differences between us at the end of life (death) so why do people think they are so different during the course of it? Radiate peace and hope it is absorbed and passed on and on.

You can always start now!

34 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

    1. I wanted to do a Christmas post and this just came to me. I don’t think I could actually pull together a materialistic wishlist as nothing I need or want enough to put down on the page. Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. What lovely thoughts plus the presentation of your blog is also inviting and attractive.
    Favourite thoughts, patience, encourage, love, learn and don’t judge. Thanks for putting
    it forward at this time of year. Needed!


    1. Thank you for your positive comments. This can be a wonderful and a hard time of year for people. I think being gentle with ourselves is where to start and put it forward to others.


  2. EsmeSalon

    I have tweeted and pinned this post and thanks for sharing at SeniorSalonPitstop. Merry Christmas to you and yours and see you in the new year again at our Linkies


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