Blending Challenge and yeah making a mess

During the pandemic I got into on-line painting tutorials. There are some great ones on YouTube (Free!). I had the paints from other craft projects and the canvasses were easy to pick up as Dollarama was open during pandemic. Why? Don’t ask me. 

It was a great escape for at least two hours when I had lots of time at home as everything was closed down. Now it is just an escape and something I enjoy.  I’m not saying I’m good at it, but I do enjoy the tutorials. Remember life is about the journey and enjoying moments along the way.  Yes, I would like my pieces to turn out amazing but if not I’m okay with it. I have enjoyed the class. Some of my pieces I have painted over and used the canvass again. 

Below is a blending challenge I did with Jessie Robertson. It was about blending colors together while wet and dry. I leant lots – not sure how well I will be able to execute it.  Enjoyed the classes and the colors. 

It’s all about trying things. Not setting boundaries or making assumptions we can’t do this or that. To be a beginner. No comparisons to anyone. It is about exploring and seeing what you enjoy doing – maybe finding a new hobby.

Remember think like a beginner or a five year old! Play. Make a mess. No regrets.

PS I have a t-shirt I wear just to paint – I am THAT messy.

You can always start now

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