Bloggers Picture Prompt 4

A tree stump out in a field

Check out Esme Salon for all the details and to read other bloggers’ take on the picture.  Fast summary write. Below is my take on the above picture prompt.

“Are you out of your mind!”

This wasn’t the response I had been expecting. I was thinking it would be along the lines of “darling, you are always thinking outside the box. Let’s do this!”.

The piece of wood was weathered and worn. What drew me in was that it looked like a prehistoric head of something. It had eye holes and a nose. It was perfect. I immediately had a place for it in the entryway. We had simple bench it would be placed on and be my WOW factor when people arrived.

“We can’t leave it here! Look at it? It is exactly what I have been looking for my WOW factor in the entryway.”

“A piece of broken wood. That likely has dead bugs in it. No. It is too heavy.”

Heavy? It was a piece of wood with holes in it. My wooden coffee table was likely heavier and I moved that myself on a regular basis.

“Fine. I’ll carry it myself.”

He stood back. I put my arms around the head near the eyes and lifted. Hmm.. maybe a bit heavier than the coffee table. Big breath. I slowly started lifting. Heavy but doable. Bit of staggering but okay. It was going to be so worth it.

“You are out of your mind you know.”  I was told again as he took an end of the head. I smiled. I would make us a delicious meal when we got home. Once I finished my WOW factor in the entryway.


You can always start now!


11 thoughts on “Bloggers Picture Prompt 4

      1. esmesalon says:

        You’re welcome, I must try and source a new picture for the next prompt. I know you shared 2 of your images and we already used one, so I think I will use your second one. Thanks for sharing


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