A little help from a friend during NaNoWri

November is fast approaching. It has become one of my favorite months as it is  National Novel Writing Month.  Check out for details or to sign-up.  Summary world-wide we write for the month of November with the goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month.  That means no second guessing. No pondering over word choices. No reading that paragraph again and again. It means getting your story down. Yes it can be crap but it is down and now we have something to work with later. It also develops a writing habit.

Often we start out strong but life happens. Maybe we run out of ideas at 10,315 words. We can’t see an ending or the next scene. A different character takes over the plot (well this one could be exciting). Whatever it is facing a blank page can and will happen. Also writing is solitary.

In the current book I’m reading book the author talks about giving back. I thought hmmm…what can I give or service can I offer.  Realizing NaNoWri plus another major project I have signed onto is happening in November I didn’t want to over extend myself but I did want to do something.

So this is it.  Since I’ll be particpating in NaNoWri I thought I’d make the experience less on my own or maybe your own.  If you want I’ll send directly to your inbox a writing prompt for your character or story. You can use it or not.  I’m thinking it might be just what someone needs to not be facing a blank page. To write that prompt whether it stays or doesn’t in your story doesn’t matter. It is to get us writing. That alone will lead to other ideas flowing.

I’m thinking it could be a situation our character gets into or a scene they come across. The prompt is to help us write. Not look at a blank page. Plus a friendly email checking in once a week thinking a Friday wouldn’t be so bad.

So if interested drop me your email and first Friday in November I’ll drop you a prompt and check in.

You can always start now!

16 thoughts on “A little help from a friend during NaNoWri

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your post at our Senior Salon Pit Stop linkup ending this Saturday, October 31.
        I pinned this on our Senior Salon Pit Stop InLinkz Linkup Shares board and also share it on Twitter @EsmeSalon with #SeniorSalonPitStop


  1. This is such a thoughtful giving back of yourself ❤ in such a busy month it really shows how much you want to be selfless and help others on their writing journey. Wishing you the most amazing November 🙂


  2. Haven’t stopped by in a while but best of luck with NaNoWri. I’ve spent most of October in writers blockage. Just posted my first blog post of the month today so I will watch in awe from the sidelines of you brave writers who take on the November challenge.


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