What caught my eye in the past month

WOW we are into a new season and the last quarter of the year.  Fall is my favorite season – our summers have been humid (not a fan) so extra happy for cooler days and so nice for walking.  Here are a few things that caught my eye in the past month.

Halloween Wooden Spoons...these are the BEST Homemade Halloween Decorations & Crafts Ideas!

40 DIY Halloween and/or Fall decorating ideas there is something for everyone here.  Some more décor and other scary.

This caught my eye as this summer I have been doing Project 333  Fast summary 33 items (clothes/shoes/jewelry/accessories) for 3 months. Choose wisely.  The crisp little look book shows us the 25 essential items for your capsule collection.  Do you agree with her choices? Let me know.

Bedrooms decorated for fall and/or Halloween.  Some where a bit over the top for me. I did enjoy looking at how creative people are.  Check out these fall décor ideas!  Fall colors make everything seem so much warmer I think.

I thought this video  was sweet. Using leaves to create cards but not in the way you might think.

Find the best DIY Fall Centerpiece Ideas for your home. Easy Fall centerpiece ideas to make your home festive and ready for Fall without breaking the bank.

One crazy mom  shows us some DIY fall centre-pieces.  Yes, apparently I have a theme this month.  Fall.  What did catch my eye was a few looked easy and there was a good variety.

The art of doing stuff has a post on our fall candle scent and her opinion of fall. It is tongue and cheek so hope it makes you smile.

best fall pictures

Fall is my favorite season.  The pioneer woman gives us a taste why.  32 pictures in total worth a look.

I saw above and wanted to share.  What do you think? Realistic? Not so much?

You can always start now!

8 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. The funny thing is, I naturally wake up at 9am. And I’d be quite happy doing those things listed.
    7.30am is when my alarm goes off during the week and no way would I do a 7 min workout or have a 20 min shower!
    I not keen on the 8am routine either! 😅
    Ps. I love the Halloween wooden spoons!!


  2. Great post, I had lots of fun looking through all the things that caught your eye and quite a lot of it caught mine too. In particular the halloween decorating ideas. There are a few I went eeks no way (Like the cockroaches on the wall – but KUDOS to the decorator) but a few I think I am going to try – like the toilet rolls with the funky eyes and glow sticks 🙂 Thanks for sharing another great “What Caught My Eye”, post xxoo


  3. Pioneer woman’s photo’s are wonderful. When my sister lived in Vermont I had the pleasure of becoming a tree peeper. It was if all the planets had taken their cinnamon honeycomb and paprika colours and painted the earth. It was an Extraordinary sight. It is already light the fire time here as cold damp windy Autumn season climbs over us. So the wardrobe picks are not heavy enough but beautiful choices for our spring. Another great round up of blogs. X


    1. Love the fall colours – which we have here also. The reds, rust, yellow and orange. Can’t wait. I’m still in summer clothes as around twenty degrees this week. I’m trying to hold off as long as possible pulling the fall/winter ones out. As once out I’ll be wearing until May!


  4. The Tea Chest Blog

    I love how you celebrate Halloween it looks like such a fun time! We don’t really acknowledge it that much here in New Zealand. I naturally wake just before 6am, I could manage those ideas. Might try them next week ♥


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