Picture Prompt #3

This is the third picture prompt from Esme Salon inspire picture prompt. Check the site out for further details and also links to other bloggers participating.  Quick summary write a story/poem/whatever you want about the picture.

I was catching my breath after running for the bus when I noticed the bus was empty. This wasn’t startling as I get on at the third stop from the beginning so there are often days when I start off alone.

My morning hadn’t started well. My alarm didn’t go off. I picked up my phone, noticed the time and shot out of bed. Showered, dressed, didn’t eat and flew out the door. Running for the bus. But I’m okay now, I’m on the bus and I won’t be that late for work. All good. Breath.

We were driving past stops so making good time. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the roads. Weird. Maybe I wouldn’t be late at this pace. I was still alone on the bus. I bit my lip and pulled my phone out. All of a sudden I felt that something was wrong. Was this the apocalypse and I had missed the memo? Along with the bus driver. Where we the only two people left in the city?

I looked at the time and date. Okay. I clicked the calendar as a number can be meaningless. October 15th, April 18th blah blah doesn’t tell me exactly what I want to know. Oh, I looked up at the empty bus suddenly knowing why it was empty. It was Sunday. Early Sunday morning. Not even Church time Sunday morning. So not the apocalypse. Worse. Me up too early without coffee.

You can always start now!

12 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #3

  1. An absolutely lovely picture prompt Amelia, Love it, thanks so much for participating and sharing on Blog & Inspire Group. When you have a moment, please add your link to the blog post as well. Thanks again I have Tweeted this.


  2. The Tea Chest Blog

    What a great idea! Love short stories, always leave you wanting more. I’ve gotten ready for work on a day off before but never caught an empty bus! *Groan* imagine!


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