3 quarterly goals

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I’ve been regularly listening to Opting out with Cait Flanders podcast. It is like listening to a friend as she occasionally stops when she sees animals or to describe the scenery around her. The podcast is about her exploring her inner world. She has written two books The Adventures of Opting out was her latest.

Her podcast has me thinking and questioning which are good things. It was at the end of the above podcast she mentioned a friend setting three goals for the next quarter.  Breaking them down into achievable pieces and picking one to start on. If you follow me you know I love a “to do” list and also having a project.

Also the podcast was about becoming lighter.  She plans to move so is going through and purging items.  Some easy as you don’t need to keep all that financial stuff.  Others more sentimental. She talked about her books – which is what she spends the most money on. Cait has a stack of to read books on her bookcase. Looking at them was stressful. Since she is purging/organizing she decided to prioritized which books she wants to read in the next four months before she moves.  Cait said after she made that decision she felt lighter. She had a goal and it was set. Before that she didn’t know where to start hence books weren’t being read.

The podcast got me energized. For the next quarter or last months of the year what three goals can I set. I want goals that will make me fee lighter. I also want to create more space physically and mentally around me.  Drum roll…..3 goals.

  1. Go through summer clothes.  I will be transitioning into fall/winter clothes during this time frame.  What did I wear? What do I feel good in? What have I kept because it still fits me even though not me? What do I not want to see in my closet next summer.
  2. Boxes of craft supplies and other odds and ends. To go through and be honest about what I will use the stuff for.  Am I going to get back into knitting? What is in these boxes that are sentimental? What can I let go of?  If I am keeping an craft item make sure I have a plan for it and a deadline to compete it.
  3. Paper – everywhere.  Go through and shred, save, recycle and/or consolidate.  Seriously do I need the whole financial statement or just the summery. Do I still have that item? If not I don’t need the instructions. Even then could I find them on-line?  Taxes keep only the years I need.  Receipts seriously if you can’t return should we be keeping it?

The idea of feeling lighter is so appealing to me. I feel this is a place to start. None of these projects are massive and can be plugged away at over three months without feeling overwhelmed.

Is there anything you don’t want to carry into the new year?  Having a plan feels good. Writing it down makes it more accountable.  Feeling lighter is my aim and less stuff is a good place to start.

You can always start now!

15 thoughts on “3 quarterly goals

  1. Wanda Mulley

    Great goals for next three months. Purging clothes is something I do seasonally . I think I’ll go through my paperwork as well, I’m sure I still have instruction manuals fo things I no longer have. Storing the summer items from outside and emptying plant pots etc will be happening soon as well 🎃


    1. Since I got rid of my unhealthy habit of hoarding crap, I feel so much better in all areas of my life. I declutter regularly now. I don’t feel as sentimental towards as many material things as I used to.


  2. How did the summer items go? Were you happy with all of the items that you used for the 33? Are you going to try it again for fall\winter as you transition out of summer?
    Love these goals of feeling lighter


  3. That sounds like an interesting podcast – I’m going to check it out! Also love the idea of quarterly goals — I started doing them in the middle of the year, and it has been a great way to get a move on things!


  4. Yes, I am also starting to purge and clean out as we are in our current space for more than 15 years, and oh my have we accumulated a lot of “stuff”. It’s time to get rid of a lot of items, not in use or will never be used again. We have already started the cleaning, but still lots to do. This is a great reminder that I should do another room this coming week.


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