SIPB Picture Prompt

Mother with a new baby on the hospital bed and a Dad's brown shoe

We have a new prompt from Sharing Inspiring Prompting Bloggers.  Check it out for more details.  Please fee free to participate.  Fast Summary take the picture prompt and be inspired in anyway that feels right to you.  Could be a short story, poem, recipe or you decide.

My take / story

Rita always struggled with giving gifts.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to spend the money or take the time but it was the thought. She didn’t want to buy a gift for the sake of buying a gift. She always wanted it to mean something. To resonate with the person.  So she spent way too much time thinking and trying to track down the perfect gift.  The majority of the time she just couldn’t find a gift that spoke to her about that person.

So for years now Rita made cards and wrote a poems. Her friends and family seemed to love her cards and often said they were mini pieces of art. That pleased her as they were all individual and the poem was totally that person.

Now sitting here, in this hospital bed, holding this precious boy she knew this was her greatest gift.  To carry this baby for her brother and his partner had been a privilege.  Physically and emotionally hard at times but holding him now was so worth it.  This gift was perfect . Thought out. Special and definitely one of a kind.

You can always start now!

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