A day in the life of …

I have known about Ali Edwards for years. I popped in for a visit and she had a few project recommendations I thought were interesting and am going to try out.  Ali Edwards community storytelling projects.  They range from capturing your day or your week.  I thought it would be neat to start with capturing a day in the life of….. I know it will not be earth shattering, but might make me more aware of my surroundings for the day.  Maybe not be on automatic pilot.

So the plan is to pick a day during the week.  Will be at work but that is okay. To take at least five pictures during the day.  In case you want to join in – which I would love it if you did – the day is Thursday, July 22nd. Hope this gives everyone enough time to join!

If you decide to do it let me know so I can follow your day! Going to use the #adayinthelifeofustoo.

You can always start now!

16 thoughts on “A day in the life of …

  1. I love the idea of that! I remember when my kids were little, my sister advised me to take pictures like that. Just regular, everyday things that happen during the day. I love the idea of a day in the life of. I came by via Esme Salon. Have a great day.

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  2. esmesalon

    This is an awesome feature you have here my friend. I will let you know if I have something to participate in on July 22nd. In the meantime, I have shared on my Blog Page and hope you do get lots that will join in


    1. I’m going to do it Thursday, July 22 as when I did the blog post I wanted to pick a day for me. You can do it any day really and doesn’t have to be a one-off. We could do it again in the fall. You do it when it works for you! Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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  4. Anouk Brière

    Love Days in the Life so much! I do 3 each year, one on the birth date of each of my kids and it’s amazing to help slow down on busy days and super fun to look back too! Hope you enjoyed yours


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