What caught my eye in the past month

I enjoy these posts as the research is so easy.  I occasionally pop into BlogLovin or check craft ideas out on Pinterest. Of course I have my go to blogs I enjoy.  So without further ado….

I always have a bag for goodwill on my bedroom floor.  So this 6 things to declutter today I had to check out. Some of it we already know, but if you are like me you sometime need that reminder and oh yes push.

I read both of Cait Flanders books. So when she said she had a podcast I had to check it out. It is like listening to a friend.  Opting out with Cait Flanders.  It is about living life differently – or opting out.

My eye candy is décor. I had to check out this Scandinavian home. What do you think?  Calming? Not enough color?

This caught my eye and I’m feeling like I need a change. Nothing major and something I can handle on my own. So this tiny bathroom makeover caught my eye.

10 Creative Photo Grid Ideas for Instagram

The wonderforest caught my eye with 10 creative Instagram grids.  Let me know what you think. Would you be interested in trying any of them? Some are definitely more work than others.

15 Awesome Headboard Ideas

In case you are looking for headboard ideas.  Here is a good variety. This caught my eye as my brother-in-law years ago made my headboard from kitchen cabinets to make it look like an old door.

A Pro organizer gives us 4 questions to ask when we are decluttering.

So let you know what has caught your eye in the past month!

You can always start now!

8 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. esmesalon

    I love the natural and calming colors of the Scandinavian home. I am not one for bright and distracting colors in the living room. I prefer it to be suttle but still pretty.


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