How I make my “to do” list

I am a list person.  One of my favorite things to do is grab a coffee, hopefully at a cool coffee shop, and make a list.  For me it is getting what is in my head on paper. It is not only a reminder but also a focus for me. I can refer back to my list during the time frame I have allowed.  Sometimes I do a weekend list.  Usually it is a month list. That gives me enough time to have lazy days and not feel rushed. That said I do like to get a few things checked off the list during the first week.  So having had years of making lists and enjoying my lists, I thought I’d offer some points on list making.  For me this is what I consider when I write out my month list.

  • What projects are ongoing.  If I am doing a larger project i.e. writing a novel, then I break it down in word count for the week.  If you are purging and organizing break it down into manageable chucks. This month I will clean out the entryway closet. Do NOT write down purge house! Break it down into items you can check off. That is what a to do list. 
  • I always put fun things on my list.  Like meet friends for a Saturday afternoon on a patio.  Have a few things to look forward to that are not a project in waiting.
  • Are there any special events coming up this month? Write them down on the list.  Send Sally’s birthday card before XX.
  • There are always things I want to do but often forget about – now I write it down.  These are little things like send a “just because card”, text friend/family members and see if that book is at the library.
  • Upcoming appointments or book an appointment
  • Seasonal items like switch out winter to summer clothes.  Pick up plants for patio.
  • Any research/skills I want to do – i.e. learn how to make better graphics on Canva
  • I enjoy playing and trying new things. So I will usually have on my list check Pinterest for a seasonal craft.
  • For me it is fun to have an evening or afternoon craft/project on my list.  It is a sense of accomplishment and makes me sit and be mindful.

I always put fun things on.  Like meeting friends or doing a craft.  I feel if it is on my “to do” list I am giving myself permission.  I mean its on the list it should be done!! Let me know if you do “to do” lists and what you put on them.

You can always start now!

10 thoughts on “How I make my “to do” list

  1. I am a list person. That book looks interesting, but I am trying to cut back on books (that is on my list!) I do a short list every day and generally put it on my end table and I also do a weekly schedule so my husband knows where I will be, so it is kind of like a list. Worth exploring further. Thanks and blessings, Michele


  2. esmesalon

    I love your way of thinking and organizing your ‘to do list” I have a daytime, which I created for the entire year, and I use to add my to do’s on the side with the date, as this also helps me stay on track, but yes I still use paper and pen. Old school for me!


  3. I am also a list person! I have an app on my phone where you can make lists but also set tasks for a certain day. I find this really useful and motivating, to see written down what I need to do. Ticking them off gives a sense of achievement.


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