How I make my “to do” list

I am a list person.  One of my favorite things to do is grab a coffee, hopefully at a cool coffee shop, and make a list.  For me it is getting what is in my head on paper. It is not only a reminder but also a focus for me. I can refer back to my list during the time frame I have allowed.  Sometimes I do a weekend list.  Usually it is a month list. That gives me enough time to have lazy days and not feel rushed. That said I do like to get a few things checked off the list during the first week.  So having had years of making lists and enjoying my lists, I thought I’d offer some points on list making.  For me this is what I consider when I write out my month list.

  • What projects are ongoing.  If I am doing a larger project i.e. writing a novel, then I break it down in word count for the week.  If you are purging and organizing break it down into manageable chucks. This month I will clean out the entryway closet. Do NOT write down purge house! Break it down into items you can check off. That is what a to do list. 
  • I always put fun things on my list.  Like meet friends for a Saturday afternoon on a patio.  Have a few things to look forward to that are not a project in waiting.
  • Are there any special events coming up this month? Write them down on the list.  Send Sally’s birthday card before XX.
  • There are always things I want to do but often forget about – now I write it down.  These are little things like send a “just because card”, text friend/family members and see if that book is at the library.
  • Upcoming appointments or book an appointment
  • Seasonal items like switch out winter to summer clothes.  Pick up plants for patio.
  • Any research/skills I want to do – i.e. learn how to make better graphics on Canva
  • I enjoy playing and trying new things. So I will usually have on my list check Pinterest for a seasonal craft.
  • For me it is fun to have an evening or afternoon craft/project on my list.  It is a sense of accomplishment and makes me sit and be mindful.

I always put fun things on.  Like meeting friends or doing a craft.  I feel if it is on my “to do” list I am giving myself permission.  I mean its on the list it should be done!! Let me know if you do “to do” lists and what you put on them.

You can always start now!

8 thoughts on “How I make my “to do” list

  1. I am a list person. That book looks interesting, but I am trying to cut back on books (that is on my list!) I do a short list every day and generally put it on my end table and I also do a weekly schedule so my husband knows where I will be, so it is kind of like a list. Worth exploring further. Thanks and blessings, Michele


  2. esmesalon

    I love your way of thinking and organizing your ‘to do list” I have a daytime, which I created for the entire year, and I use to add my to do’s on the side with the date, as this also helps me stay on track, but yes I still use paper and pen. Old school for me!


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