Need a hand? I think I can help

For me the past few years have been about limiting my regrets.  Not waiting for something to be perfect (it never will be) before sending it out there. This goes from my blog posts to a novel I self-published.  Blogging has helped me develop my sense of self (and self-worth).  What started out as a fluke has ended up as a major part of my life. Blogging has helped me focus and grow in so many other areas.

Blogging for me is also about building community.  There is enough for all of us – no competition.  When one of us rises we all do. This is not just in blogging but in life, period.  When I answer the question what do I enjoy doing, my answer always includes reading, writing, crafting, cheerleading others and supporting/encouraging people’s ideas.

I have a friend that when she has an idea she runs with it.  I’m always blown away. The things I enjoy doing with her is brain storming, supporting and cheerleading. I offer feedback and suggestions as for me that is part of the process. Not just agreeing and nodding. To listen and show up – what do you need? What can I do? Have you thought about this? I am always energized after our calls. So back to living with fewer regrets. I want to try something new, This is as much for me as you and I know I will be energized and excited – as I hope you will be also.

I’m putting it out there that for four weeks I will be your cheerleader.  Let me know if there is a project you are struggling with or want to start.  We can brainstorm, debrief, and I can support you. I will check in, offer prompts, suggestions and of course encouragement. This is new for me so we will be going with the flow.  We can discuss what you need and where you want to head. The first four people who email me I will be your cheerleader for the next four weeks!  Goes without saying it’s free. Drop your email to the right under subscribe to blog. If you already follow me through WordPress the email will default to that. I won’t see it. So drop a comment and I’ll head to your WordPress and find you!!

Here’s to limiting our regrets.  Putting what you want out there. Not waiting for perfection (as that will never happen).  Making it happen.

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “Need a hand? I think I can help

  1. You are such an amazing person, always so helpful and giving, never expecting anything in return , you are rare and a true gift to the world….I’m sure you’ll be flooded with responses. xxoo


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