5 Projects we can COVID do

We are now into year two of COVID-19. Some places are still in lockdown, others coming out and still more struggling. It has been life-changing. Some of us are doing things we never signed up for. Working from home while taking care of children. Home-schooling children. Setting up for Zoom meetings. Trying to stay positive and healthy. Along with trying to fill days with positive things. Things we can do and take control of.

Here are five projects we can do COVID happening or NOT:

  1. Plant a kitchen herb garden. If you have a yard or balcony great. If not all you need is light. Get containers that have drainage. I mean a hole in the bottom of the pot. I think greenery adds so much to a home. Plus the smell of some herbs! If you have a kitchen window with a ledge that would be great. Light for the plants and a pretty view for you. Suggested herbs are: basil, sage, common thyme, parsley and rosemary. Yes I know more this is a start.
  2. Purchase postcards or notecards and send to family/friends away or in the next neighbourhood. I still think people appreciate getting a hand written card in the mail. A postcard is good as not a lot of space you have to write on (if worried about that). Plus who doesn’t like a pretty picture.
  3. Gratitude journal. I know you are likely sick of reading this one. The thing is you have to be very specific. Not I had a good day. Too broad and seriously what made it a good day? Did a co-worker buy you a coffee? Did a book you had on hold forever come in at the library? Did you buy a co-worker a coffee? Details. Specific. You want to look back and remember exactly what made it a “good day”.
  4. Book club via Zoom anyone? Put it out there and see who is interested. If Zoom can be friends further afield.
  5. Photo challenge – challenge yourself to find certain items each day. Or create a shot. Get friends/family involved if they are looking for something to do besides Netflix/Prime/Crave. A few ideas are: something red, your favorite mug, garden you like in your neighborhood, self-portrait, document your day, take a picture of something really really close up or try a video of a street scene. I’m sure you have a ton more ideas in your head. Just have fun. Take a picture of something you would never take a picture of. If that makes sense!

It is about making the most of what we can. Taking some control back. I enjoy having a project – something to plan, look forward to and execute. I’d love to hear your ideas.

You can always start now!

10 thoughts on “5 Projects we can COVID do

  1. I joined a new book club over Zoom during the pandemic and it’s been so fruitful–leading to other reading and writing opportunities. We can always find our “tribe” even if we have to go online!


      1. Brand new book club to me and wide open (though since it’s the Jesuit book club, it probably attracts mostly Catholic readers). From there I learned about related sites and editors–and even reviewed a book written by one of the book club’s moderators. Very fruitful! Book club reading is so much deeper, I find, that the reading I do on my own. Like being back in grad school (without the grades!).


  2. Great ideas. I heard somewhere that many people have also started or resumed hobbies and creative pursuits such as painting. Both of my adult kids have started drawing and painting again, which they haven’t done since they were little. It was fun to be buying them art supplies for Christmas, after all these years. 🙂


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