Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Spring is here and I am on the ball this week for stream of consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda G Hill for all the information and other prompts. Summary is we are given a prompt (usually a word) and we write stream of consciousness about that prompt. Which means no editing except for spelling. Just type away.  This week’s prompt is “growth”.

I am a work in progress. I mean that. I am a self-help junkie. I read whatever I can get my hands on. Big Magic, The Artist’s Way, 10% Happier and more. So growth well, duh that is the ultimate challenge for me. Well that and curiosity, but seriously can’t curiosity be a sub-group of growth? I mean curious and creativity I think go hand and hand.

Okay stream of consciousness I’m putting curiosity under growth as a sub-menu or whatever. Since this is stream of consciousness I can’t be stopping to look up a more appropriate word which I so know there is. Growth to me means pushing my boundaries. Being open to new things (curious!!!!). I have had some major aha moments reading books.  I have forgiven myself. Realized I was okay. Being broken was more than okay. I have felt that someone has finally got me. So growth yeah I so want more of that.

You can always start now!

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