Question and answer for this!!

 I’m dating myself but I remember when paper diaries were the rage.  I had a five year diary that I wrote in pretty regularly, for well, five years.  It was turquoise and had a lock. Very important.
A friend gave me Q and A for the soul. It has 365 questions and potentially 1825 answers. It reminds me of my five year diary in that it has a journal prompt each day for a year. The 1825 answers is that there is space to answer that question each day for five years.
I started it January 2020 so now into the second year. It has been interesting to see how my answers (to the same question) have changed from last year. Also how COVID-19 has affected me.  I’m jotting notes on the side of restrictions, deaths (sad to say) and other important events I want to capture. Who knew my Q&A would have a pandemic year plus in it.
It isn’t overwhelming as the space to write is only a few lines. The book itself is the size of my hand.  Now that I’m into year two I have already written the same thing again to a few question.  I’m a work in progress and a slow learner.
Here are some of the questions I thought you might find interesting.
  • What could you redo? Should you?
  • Where can you find quiet?
  • Do you want someone else to make a decision for you? If so why?
  • What patterns do you see from childhood repeating themselves?
  • What is your purpose today?
  • How can you stay open?
  • What is worth protecting?
  • Do your actions reflect your priorities?

As you can see some are easier than others. It does have me thinking.  I’d recommend this book to anyone. It has been neat to read last year’s enteries.  I can’t imagine what it will be like looking back in five years to some of my answers. I’m hoping I’ve worked through some things.

You can always start now!


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