Trying something new – a ritual

I’m reading Getting back to Happy by Marc & Angel Chernoff.   The summary is that smaller and larger positive changes can make us happier. One thing from the book I knew I had to share was creating a daily ritual. What I liked about this idea was that the authors were not telling us to exercise for an hour a day. Or get up two hours early for our ritual of meditation and journaling. The daily ritual was fifteen minutes or less.

Yes you read that correctly. Fifteen minutes or less – which could be two minutes! Everyone has a few minutes a day to create a daily ritual. This excited me as so doable and I didn’t have to set my alarm earlier or create space in my evening after work. I had a few minutes to do a daily ritual without any changes.

A few examples could be stretching when you get up for five minutes or do the sun salutation. Write down three things you are grateful for that day. A one or two sentence journal prompt. Make your bed first thing in the moring.  Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Sit and meditate for five to ten minutes. Let’s get serious, the majority of us spend more than fifteen minutes a day scrolling through social media. I do.

Less than fifteen minutes for a daily ritual. The thing is when we make positive changes that stick we are encouraged to make more.  Less than fifteen minutes and wham you have a daily ritual. I think that is sort of cool. Nothing major just something that easily slips into your day. At least for the first one!

When I read this section I was yeah I can do that. My daily ritual is to drink a glass of water as soon as I get up. I don’t get enough water into me during the day so figure this is a positive start.

Is there a small daily ritual you could start right now? Maybe before you get out of bed think of the positive things in your life? A short stretching routine when your feet hit the floor. We can build on positive changes one change at a time.  Starting small and doable. Fifteen minutes or less! Hello we all have that block of time in our day already we are wasting. Let’s do it.

You can always start now!


22 thoughts on “Trying something new – a ritual

  1. Yes, I do think routines are important. I have one out of necessity-not eating breakfast until I have fed the pack. I don’t think they would let me do anything until I’ve fed them, LOL! They are very focused on wanting their breakfast.


  2. Wanda Mulley

    Love this idea of calling it a ritual. I make sure I drink water when I wake up, I make my bed and I say a prayer of thankfulness for having another day on this earth 🥰


  3. esmesalon

    Less than a month ago I decided and am sticking to it to go out for a daily walk (weather depending in Vancouver, BC) and it is something that I just can not go without now. I will get started at my desk and then just drop and go out for my walk, as my body now craves it and if for some very strange reason unable to do it, I am out of sorts for the rest of the day. My ‘ritual’ does take a tad longer (today almost 2 hours) but as I am retired I am fortunate to be able to do it.


  4. I love the idea of a daily ritual. Unfortunately I never manage to make it to the ‘ritual’ stage! I manage a day or two and then it fizzles out. My latest attempt is drinking a glass of water upon waking. For some reason it just doesn’t happen. I really should try harder. I’m going to try harder at it, thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Water water water, I start my day with fresh lemon in water a ritual I learned from my Mother. Great post, sun salutations yes I should go back to doing some gentle yoga, a helpful reminder thank you. X


      1. It is not quite a ritual yet but I have managed two mornings of a 20 min yoga. The others I have got a pattern forming, I wake stretch for five min before my lemon water and feel looser more prepared for the day. So thank you. X


      2. I think it is routine. Great to start morning with something for you before our days gets hectic. I put glass of water now on bedside table and as soon as feet hit the floor I drink and say positive affirmation for the day. Keep up the yoga your body will thank you.


  6. Since I do have some daily routines I was excited to read this and think oh yes what can I turn into a ritual that is less than 15 minutes…and mine was doing all the other things first before looking at my phone – lol not sure if it’s a ritual but it’s becoming my favourite thing to do or not do first thing in the morning – thanks for getting me thinking… xxoo


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