Happy Valentine’s Day early for a reason

I know I’m almost a week early for Valentine’s Day.  The reason why? I want you to have time to get Valentine’s Day cards.  I decided this year it is needed. So I’m sending Valentine’s Day cards to the adults in my life. It has been a year now since COVID-19 started making an impact  on the majority of the world. Our health centre started meeting the first of February to start discussing what if scenarios.

Last month I received two letters via snail mail. It was lovely to sit with paper and get caught up with friends. I remember writing letters all the time as my sister lives out west and that was the main form of communication. Getting to know someone through letters is so different. Just putting pen to paper I find my thoughts are different. I have written back pen and paper to my friends and enjoyed it. Not staring at a screen. Looking for pretty paper and my address book. My thoughts seemed to flow more easily and naturally when writing. If that makes sense!

I think pandemic is the perfect time for sending cards and letters via snail mail. People are stuck at home and receiving a hand written letter just might make them feel more connected. To sit with a cup of tea or coffee and hold paper in your hand. To know that someone took the time to stop and write. To me it feels so much more personal than dropping an email.

So my Valentine’s Day cards are bought and in the mail. They might be silly and maybe a few people will shake their heads, but I also hope they smile. They will know I thought of them and maybe for a few people it might be the only card they get.  So be that person that gives silly Valentine Day cards.  Put a smile on someone face and be a story to take home.

I’m looking forward to it and handing a few out also!

You can always start now!


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