What I’ve learnt so far for 2021

I had the week off between Christmas and New Year – so nice. Needless to say I didn’t get as much writing or blogging done as I wanted. One of my excuses is that the coffee shops were not open due to restrictions and I would have blogged there. Lame I know but I’m going with it!

Google gave me a peek of what is coming up in 2021.

  • Less open-concept homes. Pandemic has made people realize we need alone time (and somewhere to escape). Which is hard to get in an open kitchen, dining and living room. People are looking at more individual rooms as second bullet…..
  • Working from home is working. Some companies have experienced increased productivity since people have been working from home. This will lead businesses to rethink their work spaces. Do you need X amount of square footage if less employees are in the physical office? SIde note our downtown lunch spots were hit hard and a few had to close. Due to fewer people around purchasing lunch. 
  • More automation – how businesses can take people out of the equation where they are not adding value.  Hmm….article mentioned white-collar professionals like lawyers and doctors and using smart robots and automated interfaces.  
  • Global to local – where we are sourcing our materials. This was so made clear during the pandemic when medical supplies like gloves and masks where in high demand and hard to get.  When the world is all purchasing from the same supply source whose need is the greatest? This has happened with outsourcing and having supplies manufactured where labour is the cheapest and price is the lowest. There were companies that retooled what they made – more flexibility in production. Also shopping and supporting local businesseses has been stressed more and needed.
  • Virtual interfaces will increase. This is to comply with stay-at-home orders. To let your avatar try on make-up, eyewear and clothes.
  • Social media engagement – more authentic engagement with brands and products. Businesses want to engage and retain customers. This means taking them behind the scenes. Making the experience more real and hopefully better buy-in and loyalty.
  • Telehealth and telemedicine will flourish. This increased by 50% during the pandemic. Apparently this isn’t going away anytime soon pandemic or not.
  • On-line education is here to stay. They are recommending institutions continue to offer at least part of their curriculum on-line even after the pandemic is over.
  • COVID-19 has driven business and technology to work faster and better. Look at the vaccine. What normally would have taken years took months to develop. Also businesses had people set up to work at home in record time. Our health centre did.

This was a taste of what I found and have experienced. What do you think of this list? So much more I didn’t include. Do you see on-line education and telehealth staying? Flourishing? Becoming the norm? How do you feel about open-concept homes now? What trend above resonates with you the most? Did you experience it in 2020?

I hope 2021 is more positive. That we take what worked and learn from it. Built on it to make lives easier. Deep breath here we go!

You can always start now!



2 thoughts on “What I’ve learnt so far for 2021

  1. I’ve never been an open concept home person, so our older house with smaller rooms and doors to close has worked well for my family during the pandemic. My husband will be working from home all the time now, it seems, because it has worked so well for the last almost year now. I’m of two minds about that, honestly. My boys are finally back in in-school after the Christmas break and now that their teachers who want them have received vaccines. I would imagine the telehealth and online coursework will only increase, since I think there’s money to be saved using both. I’m all for ease and convenience, if the quality remains.


    1. I feel the same way about telehealth as long as patient is put first. We have a children’s hospital that covers a lot of territory. Some people drive six hours for an appointment so if it can be done via telehealth at least initial one I’m all for it. But like you I don’t want quality and patient safety to suffer. Money shouldn’t come over health.

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