My word for 2021

I struggled with this. I didn’t come up with a word that resonated with me until 2021! On January 1st I took things into my own hands. I grabbed my SHE Deck (has lots of words and motivation on the cards). I closed my eyes and tossed the deck into the air and onto the floor. Keeping my eyes shut I picked out three cards. Surely I’d find something there.

The three cards were – transformation (ignite in me the heroine journey of life), peaceful (place to listen to my gut, lay rest to worries. Fly free) and Me (use self-care as a way to reclaim power. Get inside yourself).

All good. The thing was none of them were jumping out to me. Yes to the heroine journey I’m all in for that. Also listen to my gut! Yep have been working on that for a while now. Self-care hello yes to reclaiming my power. I sat and thought seriously? Why is this so hard? Those are good words and intentions.

Next step I texted a friend who did a yoga/word for the year class. I asked for a few tips. She said they had to write five feelings they wanted to have 2021. That lead me to strong, playful, joy, curious and courageous. They looked good and I definitely wanted those feelings. Decision made curious is the word. I like curious , it almost felt right. I stress the almost as again not jumping out at me.

So now I had my word. Part of the workshop was also meditating on the actions we could take in 2021 to feel and/or show up for our word. Again back to curious and what I could and needed to do. It just wasn’t fitting right. Why am I not finding my word!!

I am currenting reading the book Getting Back To Happy (Marc & Angel Chernoff) recommendation from a friend. I stumbled across a word – well really it was the definition the writers had for that word that intrigued me. Surrender is not giving up it is letting go of expectations and finding freedom in that. Not holding things close I can’t control or not being flexible on what could happen. Surrendering control and being present to what is playing out now.

Letting go of expectations and finding freedom. Not holding on to old grudges. Being present with what I was experiencing now. Surrender is my word for 2021.  Surrendering how I think my life should play out.  Yes, this also involves making plans and being curious. But overall for me it is about surrendering where I think I should be heading, getting rid of expectations that might not be working and that also could be limiting my view of what is out there. I hope that makes sense.

So this has been my journey to my 2021 word. A bit convoluted but I think that was part of the journey to finally find the word. Sometimes it is knowing what you don’t want or need to help clarify. I would love to know your process to find your word for 2021.

You can always start now!


11 thoughts on “My word for 2021

  1. I love this! Your word is not something you can pick it is something that picks you and clearly that is the journey you took. Trying to pick your word was not working it needed to come to your organically. I can’t wait to see how you surrender this year!
    My word is communicate and I am interested to see how it plays out for me 🙂
    We are all on this crazy quest together
    Happy 2021!


  2. Candace Donovan

    Thanks for your words of inspiration. I just decided on my word for 2021 …. spade.

    Today, I was chatting with a friend of mine and called me out on something, she said, “Call a spade a spade.” She was lovingly truthful.

    So, my word of the year is spade, as a reminder to be completely honest with myself.


  3. What a fantastic word you chose. A word, I think, we can all use at some point in our lives. It found you, isn’t that the best?? Took you on a journey and that in itself is magical. I found my word by stilling my mind and asking the universe what I needed in 2021 and the word FAITH popped right in – I need to have more faith in myself, my abilities, the world, other people etc…so here’s to Faith and maybe I will need to surrender a little to truly embrace it 🙂 xxoo


  4. Yay! I’m happy you found your word. You and your challenge was how I found mine, and I’m still happy with “still.” In fact, I think it’s improved my focus enough that I’ve already finished reading two books this new year!


  5. Elvina Wright

    That’s a great word! Love the idea of no expectations that are limiting and being fully present in the here and now. Thanks for the inspiration that I can apply to my own life as well.


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