Update on collection and marathon

A few weeks ago I posted asking for help!  See post here.  I wanted to do something new this holiday season.  Two things really.  First start a Christmas collection.   Second find a marathon I could watch over my vacation.  I have over a week off – excited.

I promised I would report back on all suggestions given.  So here goes in no particular order:

Marathons to watch

  • Little fires everywhere
  • The Wilds
  • Virgin River
  • Tiny pretty things
  • Let them all talk
  • The widow
  • Long Shot (movie)
  • Harry Potter (movies)
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Elementary
  • The Blacklist
  • Audio books of an author I love


  • Items to do with writing
  • Snow globes
  • Christmas ornaments I purchase when travelling
  • homemade ornaments mine and others
  • Christmas/Winter mugs
  • An animal that speaks to me (this is wide open as can collect in any medium)

If you have any ideas for collections or marathons please let me know.  Happy Holidays!!

You can always start now!


8 thoughts on “Update on collection and marathon

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    The past few years I’ve been making my sister a Christmas ornament featuring a family photo–I use Shutterfly. It’s a nice keepsake, and now that’s she’s got a little collection of them (and a small tree) this will probably be the end of it. And we also have several ornaments from places we visited–always fun to remember. I wish we were all collecting travel ornaments this year–maybe next! Enjoy your break!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      The family photo ornaments are a lovely idea. Hope you have them for your tree also! Yes to travel ornaments. Years ago I started picking them up and then didn’t. Decision was winter mug collection as someone gave me a pretty snowflake mug. Already had a few. So keeping them out after the holidays as Canada here still winter and snow!

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  2. Elvina Wright says:

    You’ve got some great feedback. For tv shows I recommend Bletchley Circle, Line of Duty and New Tricks. For Christmas collection how about Christmas trees. There’s so many variations in colour, design, material, etc.

    Merry Christmas!!😃❤️


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Just getting back to the blog after the holidays. I have watched Tiny Beautiful Things – about ballet so that was nice to watch. Also have books from the library (enjoy more than screen time!. Hope you had a lovely holiday! I’m off this week so still enjoying not setting the alarm!


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