Something new for Christmas and I need your help

This has been a rough year. I don’t think anyone could have predicted a global pandemic and a shutdown on this scale.  This time last year I was thinking 2020 – a new decade and possibilities. So many things were and could happen. Never was a pandemic one of my possibilities.

I have tried (and succeeded) in some cases to make the most out of this year. Staying home and renting a cottage for the first time ever! Usually for vacation I’m on a plane. Taking a creative coach (experience I’ve had on to “to do” list for a while). These two major items were made possible because I couldn’t leave my home province. Both positive and so happy to have experienced them.

So we are now moving into the last few weeks of the year. Holidays are happening for some and fast approaching for others. I decided last week I wanted to do something new for this holiday season. Two things really.

First off I have vacation time to use (no surprise!!). I have to get books from the library, treats, and thinking I need a Netflix series to marathon on. This is where you come in.  Are there any series you recommend?  I enjoy mysteries, fantasy and drama. Hmm…. I guess I enjoy majority of stuff. It can be a television series or movie series. I have Christmas until January 4 off.  So happy. So a good run of time off.  Please drop your recommendations in the comments! Much needed and appreciated.

Nutcracker, Christmas, Collection

My other item is I want in 2020 is to start a Christmas collection. I have a few items in mind but nothing is sticking. No not nutcrackers, even through they are great. I thought starting a collection could be something holiday 2020 would be fondly remembered for. Something I could try and pick up maybe a few this year and build on in future years. Something positive for 2020.

If you have something you collect please share. Or an idea for me drop a line.  Maybe we can have a list of Netflix Marathons to watch over the holidays. I will do a post on collection ideas and Netflix Marathons before the Christmas holidays.

Making the most out of the holidays this year. Grabbing my wins when I can get them. Take care. Be safe. Happy Holidays.

PS is it too early to say that????

You can always start now!


10 thoughts on “Something new for Christmas and I need your help

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    I’m interested to hear what ideas people come up with for collections. It’s not Christmas-specific, but my sister collects little antique funnels–small enough and varied enough that it’s fun to look for them at antique stores. But she loves cooking. Maybe my perfect collectible would have something to do with writing?


  2. Mary says:

    If you love coffee or hot drinks, why not start a collection of christmas mugs and bring them out each year starting in November – I love my Santa collection…

    I watched all the seasons of Elementary that were on Netflix and The Blacklist – loved them both – I too will need some suggestions so looking forward to what others suggest.


  3. msomerville2014 says:

    I am not very original because my thought on collections was to start a collection of new Christmas ornaments, perhaps handmade ones, or ones you make yourself. I am in the opposite place of collecting things. Our retirement home is small and there is no real display place to show collections, so I can trying to eliminate them. I have kept a few very special and sentimental pieces of Portuguese pottery. I had a large collection of turtles, all kinds, ceramic, carved, tin, pottery, etc. I have a friend and colleague who keeps gifting me with stuffed sheep. I just finished listening to a Time for Mercy by John Grisham. I usually listen to audio books in the car, but in effort to finish it in time to return I bought it into the kitchen while I made cookies and gingerbread loaf. Maybe an audio book marathon, or pick an author and read as many of their books as you can in that time. That’s all I’ve got. Merry Christmas, Michele


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Yes space is always an issue. Just wanted something positive for 2020. The pottery must be beautiful. I have a few pieces from my travel. Love the idea of turtles and stuffed sheep (well anything animal that speaks to you). Yes to audio books good idea. I put holds on library books as our library closed for browsing. I know I will be curled up reading over the holidays. Plan to write and blog also. Thank you for visiting and sharing – you got a lot! Merry Christmas!!

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