Sharing my Christmas

A few of us over at Sharing Inspiring Promoting Bloggers decided to band together and do a Christmas post.  Something fun.  So we are going to share 12 Christmas things. I’m using the word “things” as it can be anything from traditions, food, ornaments, well you name it.  I’ll link to the other bloggers at the end for you to visit their 12 items of Christmas!  Note: for me this is when COVID19 isn’t happening as I wanted to share what Christmas things I’m usually doing.

  1. Christmas cards. I like sending them early. What I mean by early is putting them in the mail first week of December. I think they should be enjoyed and maybe people put them on display so longer is better. Right?

2.   I enjoy doing crafts (all year long) but especially at Christmas.  This is an angel I made years ago. It is special as it is made from embroidery floss my mother had. She did incredible embroidery. I have a table cloth and doilies she made.

3.   Friends and I plan outings – meeting after work for drinks.  Saturday afternoon to just chill.  

4.   There is a bar downtown that Monday nights in December they do a Christmas craft.  A friend and I have been going for a few years. We meet for supper and a drink first and play with paper, twigs, glue gun, bells and more. It is neat as Monday nights the majority of people there are doing the craft. So we are sharing materials, waiting for the glue gun and having fun.

5.   When my mom passed away I mentioned to the ladies at work that what I missed was mom and I doing a Christmas sock for each other.  That Christmas I had a sock!  The ladies took it upon their selves to fill a Christmas sock for me. I open it at work before we all head out for the holidays and it has become a big part of our holiday time together.

6.   I’m lucky enough to have a job where I have paid vacation and can usually take the week off between Christmas and New Year.  I love the stretch of days off – over a week!  I make sure I have books to read, crafts to do and friends to visit. Being an introvert I also make sure I have some days just for me.  It is a good time to re-energize.

7.    I have soft fleece pink reindeer pajamas I will soon be getting out!

8.   Mid December it is about a walk around the neighbourhood.  I live in a very residential part of the city where people take pride in their homes. I love the lights and awful to say if people haven’t closed their blinds yet a peek into their homes!!

9.   I’m adding a new Christmas tradition.  This fall a friend gave me an easy artisan bread recipe. So easy – no kneading, no bread machine, nothing.  So going to make it Christmas Eve and bake Christmas morning. Fresh homemade bread anyone?

10.     This is my newest Christmas purchase!  A friend and I were shopping at Michael and Christmas items were 50% off.  There were only two of these left so we grabbed them.  I haven’t had a countdown to Christmas before so enjoying it. Plus I think the blocks are neat.

11.  Have already started watching Christmas movies.  The Grinch over the weekend.  It is the new animated one.  If you have seen it let me know what you think compared to the old The Grinch animated one. 

12.   Making sure I have lots of books, coffee and craft supplies for my time off.  Also connecting with people. 

So head over and visit A WandafulthingEsme Salon, Ellen Best , life approved simply and Every day pbj.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday.  Stay safe and well.

You can always start now!




15 thoughts on “Sharing my Christmas

  1. Courtney says:

    I love it! It was so fun planning this with you and the rest of the group! Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. What amazing ideas and memories!


  2. awandafulthing says:

    Love that reindeer countdown – I actually do not own one and have seen so many cute ones out there – I may have to make one and start a new tradition.

    All of your “things” sound great – especially the pink reindeer pjs lol


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      Had to have the reindeer countdown when I saw it. Good thing two as friend grabbed the other one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Going to make the most out of the holidays no matter what situation in. Take care and be safe.


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