We are creatives and we don’t care what society says

Melissa Gilbert in her book Big Magic said we are all creative and I believe that. She says let go of perfection and create.  I think we have to redefine what we think creative is.  It is not just being a writer, painter, sculptor, potter and/or poet.   I feel it is broader than that.  It is being an explorer.

Someone who wants to try new things – maybe never make money off of it or even pursue it past trying it out. Or as a hobby.  It is someone who pushes their boundaries.  Maybe trying new foods. Travelling to new places. Seeing the world through new eyes (even at home!).  I know that sounds hooky but it is true.

If we are all creative there must be a bigger picture of what creative is. It should include building sand castles, colouring, wearing odd socks and showing them off!  Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not creative because you are not “producing” what society feels creatives produce.  Seriously. Who got to make that decision?  Toss it out.

Also parenting – is that not creative?  Entertaining your kids. Giving them a good moral compass.  Letting them explore and push boundaries (yes some of them will be yours – deep breath people).  What about talking to parents and grandparents and getting their stories (do this before it is too late!).  Making a picture book or calendar for family away to experience your year. Painting that accent wall or the inside of your closet in a funky color you have been dreaming about (plum anyone?).  Keeping a gratitude journal.  Or having a conversation with a friend about possibilities from yoga to a belly dancing class.

We get to define creative and we get to push our boundaries. There should be no money involved in creativity. None. If you can earn a living with it – great. But that shouldn’t be the standard. Joy. Joy should be the standard – if it makes us happy – well that’s it.

Let’s take back being creative and a sense of play while we’re at it. Remember creating scenarios with your dolls or dinkies when you were a kid?  I know I’m dating myself here. Sigh.  We are all creative. Full stop. We just have to say it and start pulling it back out.  Take baby steps if you have to and remember you are a creative. You are just looking for your outlet at the moment. Which is okay. Experience life and see it with new eyes (creative eyes).

You can always start now!


20 thoughts on “We are creatives and we don’t care what society says

  1. Love this. Especially your definition of creative as exploratory. Also, the fact our society is so intent on monetizing creativity means we are so caught up in capitalism we can’t even get creative without feeling we need to make a buck on it. I’ve chatted about this on my blog. Some will say that it’s privilege that lets us be creative without making money on it. But, I think you’re right that being creative doesn’t have to take a lot of time–just a little attention and a moving toward joy.


    1. I can’t see being creative being a privilege as that said only people with time and money would be “creative”. Garbage. I don’t think you need money to be creative – making up stories for your family. Walks in nature and exploring. Yes attention to what is around you and moving towards joy. I struggled with the words creative and artist for a while because of capitalism and what society dictates, but that is another story!!

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  2. Oh this resonated so deeply with me. I’m of the mind that EVERYONE is a maker, that there is a creative spirit inside all of us. But so many people don’t believe that about themselves because they think they’re “left-brained” or something equally limiting. I’m on a mission to change the conversation around that!

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    1. Creativity comes wearing many hats we are often negligent in recognising where we are creative. When being a parent, or childcare giver, we are creating constantly. Devising a menu, trying a recipe, repairing or making clothes, making up stories, singing nursery rhymes or in my case making them up as I go, there are lots of ways we are creative people outside of the normal recognised Crafts. Another great post, Thank you.


      1. Thank you. Agree we have to widen our view on creativity. It is so NOT something if you are not paid for it doesn’t count. I feel COVID-19 might have helped on the creativity front as people home as trying new thing from cooking, painting and other crafts. Always thanks for visiting and commenting.


  3. I love this! I’m often guilty of saying I have no creativity, but I guess that’s because my creative gifts aren’t what we think of as ‘typical’ creativity. Thanks for making me realize that my nonsensical songs, cooking experiments, and talking to the animals (and no, they don’t answer me) could be seen as creative endeavors.😊


  4. I love this post. I noticed it a few days ago, almost two weeks! yikes and glad I came across it again. I appreciate that you give lots of examples of creativity. I am always sad when I hear people say, “I am not creative, or I don’t have any talent.” Good for you for holding up the banner. And yes, ask your parents and grandparents for their stories before it is too late. I grew up on my mother’s stories and she is one of the reasons I blog, but I entirely missed the boat on my grandmother’s stories. She didn’t tell them and I wasn’t smart enough to ask. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Michele


    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes to holding the banner! I find examples are needed especially around this as people have a limited view of creativity. I grew up with my mother’s stories also and such a strong influence. Do it won’t wait for someone to do it for you – one of my lessons learned. To living life creativity on our own terms!

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  5. I love this post! I love that you talk about how parenting is creative!! I have 3 children and at this point one is a teenager, one is in grade school, and one is a toddler. They are all at very different places in life and I’m constantly trying to think of ways to spend quality family time while also keeping everyone entertained!!


    1. I think parenting is very creative – so many balls in the air at times. What about getting the older ones to think up an activity that they can do. For the teenager it might be super simple but if they help create it and initiate it you have buy-in there. There are on-line paint nights that might be a neat family activity (maybe not for toddler) but definitely other two. I’m sure you are so creative – three kids and a blog!! Hope you had a lovely holiday.


  6. I have read this post before and now once again. I love it, and I am doing my best to enjoy being creative although I do not think I am the creative one in the family, but still enjoying what I do. As you know, I love to cook and bake, and that to me is one part of being creative and trying new things (Not following a recipe) and then also I started to design more stuff for my blog. It’s a slow process but am enjoying it.


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